RZD: 10 Dec fast train «Novosibirsk-Omsk» will walk all year round

Starting from the tenth of December, the train following on a route «Novosibirsk-Omsk» will be walking all year round. Earlier, this train ran only in summer and autumn. Happy for Novosibirsk news reported in the Railways.

It is noted that to Omsk fast train takes 6 hours 58 minutes.

This decision was taken in connection with the requests of passengers. In the new schedule the train will change the room 147/148.

Also the changes will affect traffic patterns trains. It is reported that in the Novosibirsk region from January 1, 2018 at the morning time will be extended two routes of trains: № 6613 «Novosibirsk – Dorogino» and No. 6614 «Dorogino to Novosibirsk» station Cherepanovo

Starting December 10 for the winter introduced a daily train № 6307 «Novosibirsk – Kochenevo».

RZD: 10 Dec fast train «Novosibirsk-Omsk» will walk all year round 06.12.2017

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