Rykovtseva caught Kovtun treason: «Slavik, chew on tie’s!»

«He again entertains the audience on the Russian TV channel,» — said on his page on Facebook journalist Elena Rykovtseva, commenting on another failure of the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun. Regularly broadcast Russian television shows Ukrainian is ridiculed or even beaten in the course of skirmishes on patients to Moscow and Kiev topic. And, quite often, he «gets» it from their colleagues, and not from Russian representatives. The phrase «Slavik, chew tie» repeatedly sounded live, and it means, ironically, that the analyst should close the mouth.

The day before he had spent a failed dialogue with leading Vladimir Solovyov, where inappropriately answered questions. It was about the recent rally of Muscovites against the renovation of housing. «Solovyov said that Kovtun did not understand the intentions of the Russians that he recalled the may snow in Russia», — said dismissal order. She noted that Kovtun is always «defeated» in such disputes and is doing it on purpose, acting according to the standard scheme: first scientist «is pushing the Russian government», further protects the Ukrainian junta tries to defend his point of view before leading, listening to his «rebuke» and «chuckles appreciatively,» if a leading «next joke». The journalist noted that Kovtun have not located on the side of Kiev and well settled in Russia.

Rykovtseva caught Kovtun treason: «Slavik, chew on tie’s!» 19.05.2017

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