Russian trail: the US government ordered the surrender Manafort

The U.S. government ordered the former head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump manufactu the Floor to surrender. It is reported by The New York Times. The publication does not yet have details of the charges. It is noted that charges will also apply and business partner Rick gates.

Reuters reports that Manafort already arrived at the FBI office in Washington.

These are the first charges filed by Commission special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. He is investigating the probable involvement of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. The Commission suspects that Manafort able to evade taxes and hide that provided lobbying services to foreign clients.

The investigation on the alleged interference in the election of the President of the United States lasts 9 months. The prelude to it was a January investigation of the intelligence agencies, which concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential elections and helped defeat Donald Trump by posting to discredit Hillary Clinton her e-mails.

Spectacular Robert Mueller, former FBI Director, from mid-may conducting its own investigation. He must find out, not did Russian hackers to the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

President trump denies allegations of cooperation with Russian and calls the investigation a «witch hunt». The Kremlin also denied accusations of meddling. Donald trump also believes that the search for any trace of Russian are designed to distract Republicans from fighting for tax reform. He wants the investigators found, did not pay whether Democrats headed by Mr. Jay Clinton money from the electoral Fund of the dossier, on the basis of which the charges are based on the relationship of the tramp with Russia.

Robert Mueller with his assistants trying to figure out whether you are related to aides of Donald trump with foreign governments. Investigators also are examining possible charges of money laundering, tax evasion and other financial crimes. Mueller instructed to check did the President trump or his assistants to interfere with the investigation.

Investigators led by spectaculorum questioned former head of the White house Raines of Primus, former presidential press Secretary, Sean Spicer and a number of other former and current employees of the White house and campaign headquarters of Donald trump. In July, FBI agents raided the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump — Paul Manafort. Mueller has been investigating the financial operations of Manafort and real estate transactions, as well as previous work as a counselor of the former Ukrainian President Yanukovych.

It Manafort the Floor and was charged with the first accusation. He is arrested and already appeared in the Metropolitan office of the FBI, reports the New York Times. The second, who, according to the American media, accusing spectacular Mueller, who will be detained, likely to be Michael Flynn, adviser to trump during the election campaign and later presidential adviser on national security. Flynn was fired from the post of adviser in February after he misinformed Vice-President Mike Pence on the duration of their last year’s conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.

The statement about the official indictments and arrests again caused a surge of emotions in the camp of Donald trump and new calls to fire spectacular Muller. The white house, at least while behaving in relation to spectacular surprisingly restrained. In August Mueller was devoted to a special application. It said that although the President trump and questioned the impartiality of Muller, to dismiss him he did not intend.

Russian trail: the US government ordered the surrender Manafort 30.10.2017

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