Russian SUV «Sherpa» reached 10 thousand kilometers on the road

Domestic SUV «Sherpa» once again proved its unique characteristics. The designers summed up the expedition along the Arctic circle. They completed the route in 10 thousand kilometers from Arkhangelsk to Anadyr through forests, swamps, rivers and mountains, and returned home to Saint Petersburg. All test vehicle has sustained successfully.

Wild tundra of the Putorana Plateau, Central Siberian plateau of Russia, the center of the country. Team of travelers got here, not in the air and on the ground, on the machines. Unusual cars are not cars, and new SUVs. The participants of the big cross-country expedition, the crew who recently returned home safely, in St. Petersburg, reports «TV Center».

All-terrain vehicle, capable to beat any terrain, have invented husband of Olga, St. Petersburg designer Alexey Gargastan. It’s his life, his own vehicle he was inventing since childhood. The latest development caught the interest of the sponsors, and the prototype presented a few years ago, shocked the auto experts around the world. Now the SUV’s put on the conveyor on one of the Petersburg factories, already built more than 500 cars, and orders more. This year the developers of a miracle-the car have decided to check, and everywhere there it will be. And went on a journey through the vast Russia. Roads did not choose, just drew a line on the map from point a to point A: «Arkhangelsk» — «Anadyr».

Six months — almost 10 thousand kilometers from West to East. Passed, propyl, crawled. Through forests, swamps, mountains. Verkhoyansk ridge, cherskogo ridge — no skirting, straight. And rivers. Stormy mountain and the main Russian. Ural, Lena, Kolyma. The Yenisei river was crossed by swimming in late spring. The ice thickness here is only a few centimeters, the depth of the river about 20 meters. The weight of this train is several tons. Heavy equipment keep afloat the huge wheels filled with air. From shore to shore, about 2.5 miles, and the car coped.

It is curious that the wheels of the vehicle are inflated even not air, and exhaust gases of the car. It is the physical properties of the contents of the tires and allow the car unique permeability: this is the main essence of the know-how of the Russian automotive industry.

To understand how this unit overcomes obstacles and is not turned, you can only drive in it. The participants of the expedition are recognized for each of them, this expedition was the main journey in life. They got to the destination without losses — and that means that Russian SUV have passed the examination.

The functionality of this unique vehicle is just huge: from research trips to anywhere in the world to save people. Several pieces of equipment already purchased for the Moscow region emergencies Ministry. And the American auto about car from St. Petersburg documentary filmmaker.

Anna Morozova, «TV Center», Saint-Petersburg.

Russian SUV «Sherpa» reached 10 thousand kilometers on the road 05.12.2017

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