Russian military has delivered medical supplies and food to HOMS

The Russian military was brought to the hospital of HOMS medicines and products. 300 sets of humanitarian aid handed out in the hospital yard. In the column of the centre for reconciliation of the warring parties arrived and doctors to provide aid to the Syrian colleagues.

Clinic al-Basel in HOMS are overflowing, said «TV Center». Patients bring on the machines. Who can, himself comes. Four years before the city hosted the terrorists, the hospital did not work.

«In this city, where more than a million people, is only two hospitals. The hospital where we are today, built only a year and a half ago, but doctors still can not cope: in addition to the wounded and sick who are left after the withdrawal of the militants, what happened just two weeks ago, there is a lot of population with advanced illness», — said the representative of the Center for conciliation of the parties, Alexander Vorontsov.

People go out of town and from across the province. One hospital, the terrorists blew up, the second captured. Treated their wounded in it. Therefore, a new free clinic today, one in HOMS. To help cope with the influx of patients came to the Russian military doctors. It is always a large queue.

Lina cut myself on a shard. The neighborhood where the girl lives with her parents, released by the militants recently. With children every second. Half of severe disorders. They said it’s because of the war.

«Someone died, an explosion occurred in front of children. Of course it affects the psyche of children,» — said the pediatrician of the hospital al-Basel Natalia Polikarpova.

Natalia lives with her husband in HOMS for 20 years. Said that during the war, only cardiac diseases have increased five times.

«25-30 years do we have young people with heart attacks. A lot of neurological disorders, mental disorders,» she said.

Not fewer patients with infectious diseases and hypertension. Pressure, crises, and especially diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – the result of constant neuroses and poor nutrition.

«Stress is a major factor in the development of gastritis, it contributes and triggers chronic diseases,» said physician Simon Arakelyan.

But the doctor consults another doctor. To get to the Russian specialists to receive good luck is not only for patients but also for Syrian doctors. The trauma Yahya – inflammation. Need urgent therapy. He was given treatment. While the military doctors examine and consult people on the street launched a «KAMAZ» with food. It is also helping the hospital to its patients and medical staff.

During the war in Syria wages, especially of state employees in 10 times fell. And the price of food, on the contrary – has risen 10-fold. Therefore, almost all the money in the poor families spent on food. The humanitarian assistance delivered by Russian centre of reconciliation of the parties will at least save a little. Flour, sugar, rice and canned goods people, accustomed to live in poverty, stretched for a few weeks.

The next Russian humanitarian convoy will come to HOMS in the coming days. This time in the dilapidated blocks, which were liberated from terrorists just a few weeks ago.

Timur Abdullaev, Andrei Pashutin, «TV Center», Syria

Russian military has delivered medical supplies and food to HOMS 19.06.2017

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