Russian doctors may be required to remove surgery video

Doctors want to oblige to film the operations. The bill will be considered at the meeting of the Duma Committee on health protection on may 18. One of the authors Oleg Nilov explained that this will help to combat the unlawful actions of medical staff during operations. The government does not support the project.

Doctors may be required to record the operations on video. The initiative of deputies of the state Duma will consider on may 18 meeting of the Committee on health.

One of the authors of the bill, Deputy Chairman of the faction «Fair Russia» Oleg Nilov has explained, «the parliamentary newspaper», it will help to deal with the misconduct of health workers during operations.

The MP believes that the discussion of the bill it is necessary to connect not only doctors and officials, but also lawyers who have experience in protecting the rights of patients.

«Citizens have a right to make video records of what happens to them when they are under anesthesia and when you cannot be near loved ones,» — said Nilov reminded that in many countries this practice is enshrined in law.

The government gave a negative opinion, explaining it by the lack of funds in the budget. In addition, the authorities consider that the project does not fully correspond with the law «On personal data».

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Russian doctors may be required to remove surgery video 19.05.2017

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