Russian assets — home!

The policy, pursued by the Russian leadership, gives
good results. Media reported about the transfer to Russia of 100% shares of the largest
iron-ore producer in the country — «Metinvesta». Contrary
the predictions of skeptics, the return of assets in Russia from the trickle turns into
rapid financial river.

Holding USM Holdings Limited and Alisher Usmanov
and partners announced the consolidation of 100% shares of JSC «holding «metalloinvest»
in the incoming in the composition of the Russian company «metalloinvest Wesam».
The reason for this step, the owners of the company called structure optimization
of ownership. Now Metinvest is entirely
Russian enterprise.

The transfer of assets of USM to the Russian Federation began in 2014, and now we see the first «finished» result of this process, which can not but rejoice.

Until recently, «Wesam» owned only 54,25%
shares of «metalloinvest», but by the end of 2016, according to the results of a number of
transactions within the same group of persons he declined 45.7% of the securities
of the company.

The cost of «metalloinvest» is today a little
more 567 billion rubles. It was created in 2006 and combines the Mikhailovsky GOK,
Lebedinsky GOK, Oskol electrometallurgical works
and steel plant «Ural steel».

The transfer to Russia of assets «Metallinvest» — even though it is very large, but not the only step towards deoffshorization
of the Russian economy. This process was launched in the early 2010’s and initially
called skeptical
critics from the liberal camp.

If in the 2000s the authorities simply exhorted business in 2010-e
moved to regulatory activities. In December 2012 Vladimir Putin announced
that instructed the government to develop specific measures to deofshorizatsii
of the Russian economy. In March of 2013, the fans keep the money abroad
got a Wake-up call: Germany was to force Cyprus to expropriate
portion stored on the island of offshore funds by imposing a lump-sum

The events of late 2013 and early 2014 demonstrated that the West goes to almost naked aggression against Russia and Russian interests and foreign assets can turn this fight into a kind of «hostages».

At the end of 2014 the Russian offshore business appeared
new «stimulus». November 25, Vladimir Putin
signed tough enough law about deoffshorization. Controlled by the «aliens»
companies are obliged to pay taxes to the budget of the Russian Federation and physical and juridical persons —
to inform the state about the «foreign capital».

The first Russian billionaires «massive»
the transfer of shares in the domestic jurisdiction exercised
Gennady Timchenko. Under the Russian flag was his interest in OJSC
«NOVATEK», «Stroytransgaz», «Colmore», «Transoil»,
Bank «Russia».

Roman Abramovich brought on Russian territory
February 2016 24% of shares of JSC «First channel».

Viktor Vekselberg transferred under the Russian jurisdiction in March
2016 «AKADO», SRC, «organic synthesis» and «Airports
regions.» According to media reports, a similar decision he’s preparing to take another
for a number of assets.

In turn, Mikhail Prokhorov brought to Russia 59,27% energy
the company JSC «Quadra-power generation».

In March 2015, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reported that the outflow from our country’s capital associated with dubious operations, decreased from 26.5 to $ 9 billion.

In June 2015, Vladimir Putin signed the law on «Amnesty»
returning from offshore capital, and in July — Chinese yuan in the offshore.

For the year withdrawal of capital from Russia abroad decreased
2.7 times.

Today, experts are quite optimistic. Radical
a breakthrough in the process are expected in the coming three to four years.
And news like that which came from USM, confirm this.

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Russian assets — home! 10.11.2016

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