Russian aircraft destroyed al-Baghdadi

The leader of the «Islamic state» Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed in airstrike Russian HQs in the suburbs of Raqqa in late may. This information is now being verified by the Ministry of defence. According to authorities, the RAID on the command post of the IG destroyed about 300 high-ranking militants of the banned group.

In the airstrike, the Russian military could be destroyed, the leader is banned in many countries of the grouping «Islamic state», Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This information is checked now in our defense Ministry, reports «TV Center».

Russian su-34 and su 35 struck in the southern outskirts of Raqqa, where he held a Council of war militants, may 28. As reported in the Ministry of defense , just eliminated more than three hundred terrorists, including senior commanders of the group, a member of the so-called military Council of the «Islamic state».

In the Russian defense Ministry said that the American side was informed in advance about the time and place of operation.

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