Russia will supply Kazakhstan launcher for rockets «proton»

The launcher should come into the ownership of the Kazakhstan company «Baiterek» in 2020.

In 2020 Kazakhstan company «Baiterek» will get a launcher for rockets «proton», which will give the Russian state Corporation «Roskosmos».

As reported on Wednesday, September 14, the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the informed source, transmission «Roscosmos» launchers for rockets «the proton» the Kazakh side provides a program for the development of the project «Baiterek» and new versions of the media.

It is expected that the transfer of the launcher will take place in 2020, when the market will be a new modification of the carrier rocket «proton».

Note that Russia and Kazakhstan since 2004 implemented a joint project «Baiterek», which main objective is the development of environmentally friendly media. According to the plan, these launch vehicles will replace the «Proton» running on toxic fuel. The first tests of the new rocket, called «Sunkar», is expected to begin in 2024. In case of successful tests to 2025, the carrier will be put into commercial operation.

Russia will supply Kazakhstan launcher for rockets «proton» 14.09.2016

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