Russia will strengthen protection against nuclear threats

Rearmament program for the next seven years will focus on nuclear deterrence, said the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the Board meeting of the military Department.

Shoigu said that Russia will create new facilities to accommodate the grouping of forces and means of nuclear deterrence land, sea and air-based. «It is composed of 129 enlarged objects and six long-range aviation airfields. In addition, the development of network communication and command and control. We also intend to carry out arrangement of 33 airfields of tactical aviation, berthing front of places of basing of the Navy, the placement of missile complexes «Iskander», «Bal» and «Bastion»,» – said the Minister of defense of Russia.

According to Shoigu, it is planned to put into operation 1064 set of shelters for equipment. «It is planned to build and enter in operation 1740 objects to build 24 thousand km optic-fiber communication lines», — concluded the head of the military Department.

Russia will strengthen protection against nuclear threats 21.04.2017

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