Russia took first place in the world rankings of reading literacy of students

Russia took first place in the international ranking according to the results of the PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study). Russian students showed the highest results in the mastery of reading among their peers from 50 countries , according to RIA Novosti.

According to the results of studies conducted in 2016, the class 4 students of the Russian schools showed the best result among peers from 50 countries. The study was attended by about 4.5 thousand primary school graduates from 206 schools in 42 regions of Russia. According to the study, Russia scored 581 points on the international scale, returning to first place in ranking of all the participating countries. Earlier, Russia already occupied the first place in the PIRLS study in 2006, but in 2011 sold it to Hong Kong, dropping to a second line.

According to the submitted materials, the study of 2016, 70% of Russian primary school graduates showed a high level of reading literacy. In most countries students have achieved a basic level.

Good results, comparable to the Russian, also showed the students from Singapore (576 points, 2nd place in the ranking of countries). The results of the other participating countries were significantly lower. Russia and Singapore in the ranking of the participating countries, followed by Hong Kong (569 points), Ireland (567 points), Finland (566 points), Poland and Northern Ireland (565 points), Norway, Taiwan, and England (for 559 points). The US ranked only 16th place.

In a study of 2016 took part in Moscow, for schools which had carried out a separate study on the PIRLS standards. The sample of the Moscow students formed independently from a nationwide sample, it consisted of about 4.2 thousand fourth-graders from 150 schools in the capital.

According to the study, the average score of fourth-grade students of the Moscow totaled 612 points, significantly higher than the results of other cities and regions, which carried out similar studies. Furthermore, the fourth-graders showed not only high average reading literacy, but high density results, which indicates good General preparation of students.

With the aim of obtaining information on the ownership students the basic skills necessary for learning to read in school, the questionnaire included questions about how well the student was in possession of those or other skills before entering the school, for example, learned most of the letters or could read words, sentences, stories. According to the study, the early training affects the child’s education in primary school up to 4th grade. So, 639 points on average received pupils of schools of Moscow with a very good preschool and 579 points with insufficient preparation.

Russia took first place in the world rankings of reading literacy of students 08.12.2017

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