Russia takes Embassy in Israel and Palestine in Jerusalem

Moscow plans to move its Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to West Jerusalem and the Palestinian Embassy from Ramallah to East Jerusalem. But before that you need to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Russia is ready to move its Embassy in Israel and Palestine, in Jerusalem, about this newspaper «Izvestia», citing sources in the Russian diplomatic circles.

This can happen only if the negotiating process between Israel and Palestine will move from the dead point, which has been ongoing for more than 20 years. The Embassy in tel Aviv can move to the Western part of Jerusalem, and the Embassy in Ramallah in East Jerusalem.

In tel Aviv expect that soon all the world will Embassy moved to Jerusalem, since the basic governmental structures of Israel are found in there. In Palestine also do not see any problems in the transfer, but on the condition that Israel agrees to the principle of coexistence of two States with Jerusalem as its capital.

April 6, Russian foreign Ministry said that it recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Eastern part of the city – the capital of Palestine.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict – an armed confrontation between the Jewish and Arab population of Palestine over the territories. Palestine believes the Israelis are occupiers, and the Jews defend their right to a national state.

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Russia takes Embassy in Israel and Palestine in Jerusalem 20.05.2017

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