Russia suspects the US of deliberately attacking Syrian army

A blow to the Syrian army struck the American a group of two fighters, two storm troopers and battle drones, said «TV Center». The bombardment lasted for about an hour. The troops of President Assad suffered significant losses: more than 60 dead, hundreds injured, destroyed several pieces of heavy equipment. The situation was immediately used by the militants banned, including in our country, the «Islamic state».

«After the strike and the militants went on the offensive in the area. Currently, a fierce battle continues. With 19 hours aircraft aerospace forces provide air support to Syrian units. Strikes at ISIS», — said the head of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Vladimir Savchenko.

The attack of terrorists managed to stop only with the support of the Russian space forces. Our aircraft has 10 strokes. However, the situation in this sector – in the area of the airfield near Deir ez-Zor – changed.

«The United States of America grossly violated the agreement on cessation of hostilities. The impression that coalition aircraft, inflicting such a blow, cleared the way for militants of the «Islamic state», which can now capture Deir al-Zor», — said the representative of the Ministry of defense of Syria.

The Russian military are in Syria, waiting for their American colleagues explanation, and remind you that the incident occurred due to the reluctance of the US to coordinate their actions. In Moscow, Smolensk square, and all came to the conclusion that an attack on Assad’s army is not a sad mistake.

«If we had suspicion, and thus to shield the «Dzhebhat EN-Nusra», but now, after today’s strikes by the Syrian army, we come to the really terrible to the world conclusion: the White house defends ISIS,» — said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The incident near Deir ez-Zor discussed in new York. Russia convened an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. This decision was initially supported by the official representative of the United States, though the dialogue between our countries and failed. Samantha Power did not listen to the speech of Russian colleagues and left the room.

«It’s a distraction from what is really happening in Syria. When you don’t like the facts, you create tension somewhere else — this is a classic distraction for the media. We call on Russia to convene an emergency meeting with Assad and force his regime to comply with the agreement,» she said.

In turn, the Pentagon said that the strike by the Syrian army was incorrect. The group considered that strikes on is positions. This explanation of our diplomats considered questionable.

«Why suddenly today they decided to help the troops to defend Deir ez-Zor? When they were doing nothing, while the militants bombed Palmyra. When ISIS moved a hundred miles, and even the coalition did not attempt to resist him. And suddenly they decided to help the forces of the Syrian government in the Deir ez-Zor. I would guess that it happened by chance,» — said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

It is worth noting that the blow was struck at the time of the armistice, and two days before the entry into force of the agreements between Russia and the U.S. on Syria, which, by the way, Washington, for some reason refuses to publish for public access.

Alexander Ogorodnikov, «TV Center»

Russia suspects the US of deliberately attacking Syrian army 18.09.2016

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