Russia refuses to modernization of old weapons

Russia will move away from the modernization of old weapons in favor of creating new models. This was stated by Vice-Premier of RF government Dmitry Rogozin, according to RIA Novosti.

«We refuse the modernization of old weapons. Although I must say that upgrading is the same normal phenomenon as the creation of new models», — said Rogozin in an interview to the program «Vesti on Saturday».

According to Vice-Premier, «modernization should not be an infinite variety: three, four, no more.» Otherwise it stops the creation of a new program of weapons.

A new program of weapons is in fact the innovation rate in it will be on the creation of smart weapons, automated control systems, communications and intelligence, said Rogozin.

Rogozin said that already completed the development of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, is a powerful upgrade space grouping, and the fleet will receive new ships. «Will we have a modern relationship — something that has always been a weak place,» he added.

The new armament programme does not imply imbalance between the different branches of service — army, HQs or the Navy, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Russia refuses to modernization of old weapons 20.05.2017

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