Russia has twice increased its sales of passenger cars in the United States

Delivery of cars from Russia to the United States at the end of last year has grown twice and was a record at least for the last three years, Izvestia. The basic flow is re — exports, which became profitable because of the devaluation of the ruble. At the end of the year, the United States was among the ten largest buyers of cars in Russia.

According to the Federal customs service (FCS), at the end of last year the value of supplies of passenger cars from Russia to the United States amounted to $33 million (about 2.2 billion). In 2015, the sum of such deliveries was $15 million (915 million rubles), in 2014 — at least $282 million (11 million rubles).

In «AVTOVAZ», «Gas» and the Russian branch of Volkswagen has stated that he does not send cars to the USA. On «UAZ» also said that in 2015 and 2016, the company had no transactions for the supply of cars in the United States.

According to the Director of analytical Agency «Avtostat» Sergey Udalov, the main volume is supplied from Russia to the States of cars is re-export.

As the expert explained, after the devaluation of the ruble prices on imported cars did not grow at commensurate rates. Prices in the currency was very low, so the cars were taken out of Russia in the first place this applies to premium cars with high added value.

According to the FCS, the average cost per car delivered in the United States from Russia last year amounted to $81 million (about 5.5 million). For comparison, the average cost of one Russian cars, supplied to Belarus, which is the largest importer, was $11.7 thousand (about 782 thousand). This year the re-export deliveries of cars from Russia has declined as the ruble strengthened, and the producers raised the price of the car. The sum of the total exports of Russian passenger cars at the end of 2016 amounted to $1.1 billion (74 billion). The main buyers — Belarus, the amount of shipments was $278 million (18.6 billion rubles) and Kazakhstan — $182 million (12.2 billion rubles). In the list of the largest buyers of China ranked third, Germany fourth, USA — seventh.

Russia has twice increased its sales of passenger cars in the United States 19.05.2017

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