Russia had room for maneuver in the case of new US sanctions

New sanctions against Russia, which can enter Western countries and, in particular, the United States of America, will not affect the stability of the Russian economy. According to the Deputy head of the Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Peter Kazakevich, the government of our country has room for manoeuvre in case against Russia will be introduced new restrictions.

Agency staff spoke about the existing preventive measures in Congress Cbonds. He explained that the Russian government has various sources of replenishment of the state budget.

In particular, he commented on the likely situation, when a new round of sanctions may relate to government bonds of the Russian Federation. The fact that they represent the main source of loans on the external market. Pyotr Kazakevich told that the government has a special account for this response mechanism, through which the impact of these sanctions will be minimal.

Russia had room for maneuver in the case of new US sanctions 07.12.2017

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