Russia defied Western IT corporations

Huge Russian IT market until recently, has been successfully mastered only by foreign companies. Domestic «pros», except in rare cases, settled for crumbs from the big pie. But, it seems that this situation has ceased to hold Moscow and the Russian IT company. So, our authorities have engaged in a healthy protectionism, and commercial companies began to fight for its share of the home market of information technologies.

A healthy dose of protectionism

For the government
the development of their own information
technology means not only
technological independence and
safety and incentive for all
economy. This, speaking at the forum
«PROF-IT», he said bluntly
assistant to the President Igor Shcheglov:

«We can say that solving the problem of import substitution, we will not only find greater technological independence and security, but also will give stimulus to the Russian economy».

this topic addressed
and the President himself. Vladimir Putin, in

We know examples of how the small Russian companies have grown into global leaders, offering breakthrough competitive solution… Need to make sure that there is more domestic companies and organizations able not only to develop technology but also to offer them to the market in the form of a final, commercially successful product. And, of course, ask the government to take stock of what hinders the development of such companies and to further develop a plan to address these still existing barriers.Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

He also set
ambitious export goal:

According to some expert estimates, the export of Russian IT industry in 2015 amounted to 6.7 billion dollars. And arms exports in 2015, we had $ 14.5 billion. We are already in civil areas will soon catch up to arms exports.Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

our companies in the domestic market
is where to turn. Information
technology extremely popular
in all the spheres. However
day, according to
Igor Shcheglova, about 90% of the 300 billion
rubles the cost of procurement in Russia
IT equipment
goes to foreign suppliers.

engaged in protectionism and State
. The parliamentarians decided to eliminate
injustice and developed
the bill «VAT for foreign
The emergence of the so-called «tax
due to the fact that on the market today
the Internet service has developed an unhealthy
the situation when the company, not
registered in Russia, have
competitive advantage. And all because
what is the price of their services, products and
the content did not include VAT.

Deputies plan to provide equal in this respect, the capabilities of domestic and foreign companies.

democratic asked the opinion of the
179 professionals in the Internet industry.
It turned out that 75% of experts are against
equal conditions for Russian and international
IT companies
taxation at their work
on the territory of our country. However
most of them (79%) want to obtain
additional benefits.

At the very
the legislative initiative of the parliamentarians
and their attention to this issue
in General, positive. So, Vice-President
corporate development Mail.Ru
Mikhail Kiselev said:

«The bill must be taken as a whole. Offered in the bill a definition of the place of supply of electronic services for VAT purposes at the place of the buyer is a global practice. It is necessary not to raise prices for the users-individuals, since the demand for most electronic services price elastic».

And the General
Director of the company «Ashmanov and partners»
Igor Ashmanov said:

«The main problem that Google makes money here and not paying taxes, and it must be solved. Now, by the way, has just flashed the news that Google has evaded taxes by about $ 11 billion a year, with the help of offshore companies, and its lawyers and management saying that it’s the law. That is, he throws not only of the Russian Federation».

Director of SoftKey Felix
Muchnik, in turn, stressed:

«The introduction of the VAT will allow, finally, to offset the costs incurred, not to write off the losses, simplify accounting with buyers and increase financial flows to developing software for the VAT. Yes, the product will cost 118 rubles, including VAT 18%, but for the buyer-VAT is the same as the current 100 rubles excluding VAT».

The struggle for the rights
Russian «it people»

I must say,
discrimination by foreign
IT giants
pretty tired of the domestic masters
information technology. So
tired, some decided to start
the fight with the brash newcomers. So,
recently the Federal Antimonopoly service
(FAS) initiated
the case against Microsoft
on signs of abuse
of a dominant position. Initiated
thing is the Russian developer of antivirus
the software «Lab

Discrimination by foreign IT giants pretty tired of the domestic masters of information technology.

Corporation Eugene Kaspersky,
emotionally stating in his blog «enough is enough!», formulated
claims to overseas competitors.
One of them is:

«A few years ago, Microsoft took a course on reforming of the Windows platform. Of course, the intentions are good — convenience, safety, performance, etc. In fact, behind the scenes Microsoft is elegantly captures niche markets and pushes out independent developers, replacing them and offering users their products are not the best quality».

According to
Deputy head of the FAS Anatoly golomolzina,
the specific reason for the initiation
the case was the decision by Microsoft
to reduce from two months
to six days time to adapt
compatibility antivirus
software produced
third-party developers operating
in Windows 10.

General Director of «Laboratory
Virus» on legal issues
and security Igor Chekunovsaid
at the same time:

«Microsoft has created a situation in which other manufacturers of security solutions are not able to completely fulfill its obligations to users, which leaves the latter without protection, limits their choices of antivirus software and leads to the fact that third-party manufacturers suffer financial loss».

But the press Secretary
«Kaspersky Lab» Ayla
stressed that the Corporation has addressed
the FAS only after exhausting all opportunities for
direct settlement of the situation:
fruitless negotiations with the company
lasted a few months.

Obviously not
wanting to exacerbate the conflict that already
the state stepped in, Microsoft
in the face of the press service
the company confirmed
«commitment to the principles of
compliance with the antitrust
and recalled that
«Laboratories of Kaspersky» they share
«long-term partnership
different directions.»

if the American company recognize
guilty, she faces a fine in the amount of
1 to 15% of the revenue earned where
there has been a breach. That is
in Russia.

It is not
the first case when Russian
IT company
beginning to firmly defend its interests.
For example, in February of last year our
complained to the FAS on Google.
The reason was that the American
the search engine, as the owner itself
popular mobile operating
system Android, forbids
third-party developers preset
their apps on smartphones and tablets
this system.

The FAS found Google
a violator of the law «On
the protection of competition», were ordered to eliminate
the violation, allowing you to install applications
and services of other developers, and
a warning punished with a fine in the amount of 438
million rubles. Then the fine is increased
another 1 million rubles for failure

In October the head of the Federal
Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev
even threatened with criminal term of up to 2
years top managers of Google
for ignoring their
solutions. In turn search resource
trying to appeal against the decision of the Russian
antimonopolschikov in court.

A few days
Roskomnadzor has made
in court blocking the American social
network Linkedlndealing
establishing business connections and searching
work. Reason — failure to act
localization of personal data
the territory of the country. The Chairman Of The Committee
The state Duma on information policy,
Informtechnologia and communications Leonid Levin
while stressed,
the American social network repeatedly
violated the laws of the Russian Federation, so the company…

«or will consider and take
the law of the country in which
working either against her will
made organizational conclusions».

While such
cases slightly, but the main thing — the beginning
it should be. And you can be sure that
if desired, the power structures and activity
from domestic IT companies,
foreign competitors will no longer
shamelessly to push the Russian «it people»,
will work in line with the law
The Russian Federation, and all of this
will only get better.

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Russia defied Western IT corporations 12.11.2016

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