Russia could begin to cooperate with Japan on the Kuril Islands

Vice-Premier, the presidential envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev was confident that economic cooperation between Russia and Japan can thrive in the Kuril Islands. He noted the active interest of Japan in developing partnership ties with Russia.

«The Kuril Islands are part of Russia, closer to Japan, and obviously, cooperation may be developed in the Kuril Islands. It seems to me that the actions of the Japanese government today is quite eloquent: they established the position of Minister for development of economic relations with Russia, he began to work, he is active, we met with him, he does have specific plans» — quoted Trutnev TASS.

The presidential envoy in the far East recalled the meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with President Vladimir Putin, which, according to Trutnev, the Japanese Prime Minister presented a detailed plan of cooperation.

«Generally the situation when the head of a neighboring state comes to our country with a detailed plan of cooperation — is an extraordinary situation, Mr. Abe thus met with Vladimir Putin, he offered a comprehensive program,» said Deputy Prime Minister.

Trutnev added that Moscow will continue to support the development of economic cooperation with Tokyo and is counting on «sequence from the Japanese colleagues.» «We will step by step to develop cooperation, to strengthen it, to move in all directions. To do this we will take concrete, we know where the gate is fully opened, and where still it is necessary to lift that bilateral cooperation was developing. So we work very specifically,» — said Trutnev.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking about the territorial dispute concerning the Kuril Islands, said that Russia does not sell the territories, although we would like with our Japanese friends to find a solution to this problem.» The President also recalled that in 1956, Soviet authorities in offered to return to Japan two disputable Islands, was signed the relevant contract, but Tokyo refused to implement it. Putin said that the Treaty was not secret.

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Russia could begin to cooperate with Japan on the Kuril Islands 22.09.2016

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