Russia continues to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian village

The political process in Syria will be discussed at the Congress of the «national Syrian dialogue,» which will be held in December in Sochi. In the meantime, in the liberated from the militants village continues to receive humanitarian aid.

Money – penny. I live part time in the fields. Who plot to dig, to whom the harvest is to help raise. From your good – only a couple of chickens. One joy – in time of war, survived the walls of the house, reports «TV Center».

«Just yesterday we made a roof of iron sheets that are found in the dump, and when he returned, 8 months lived under the open sky», — said Mariam.

Men in the house no. No one to help. In the village Rasmi El-Alam in this position, every second family. May soon hit freezing. But the worst enemy – hunger. Of the products just crushed wheat. A handful each. Eat once a day.

This year autumn in Syria came late. But once the rain, wind and the cold. In the dilapidated villages, where there is no electricity, no gas, for people with a severe test. Therefore, the humanitarian assistance that delivers the Center for reconciliation, this season is more necessary than ever.

People brought bread. But borscht and rassolnik at banks. This is in addition to the traditional set of cereals, sugar and canned food. In this village a ration doubled. School – no Windows, no doors. But in classes, no empty desks.

Today lessons was reduced. In the class of military deployed a medical center. When doctors began to examine the kids, it turned out that almost everyone a whole bunch of diseases.

«First and foremost, is a respiratory disease, 90 percent of all abnormalities. Here today for the first time, we have not seen chicken pox they went, all the children in the village, chronic stress, impaired immune system, not enough power», — said the head of the hospital Department TSPVS Andrew Particin.

Nurse Lena lubricated the smallpox scars green paint. Much more difficult to treat scabies. Medication people were given and explained how to use it. But in the village, where there are no conditions to simply wash your hands, the disease can flare up again. The military still come back here. To see how you feel children who helped. But at the same time bring to school notebooks, pens and colored pencils.

Timur Abdulaev, Victor Maltsev, «TV Center».

Russia continues to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian village 25.11.2017

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