Russia asked the OPCW to send in Aleppo expert on chemical weapons

The defense Ministry of Russia asked the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to send their employees to Aleppo, where rebels had earlier used chemical weapons. The work of the organization in place can provide the center with the reconciliation of the warring parties. Sample, confirming the use of toxic substances, will be transferred to the OPCW.

The defense Ministry appealed to the leadership of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons asking to send in Aleppo mission to establish the facts of the use of chemicals as weapons, reports «Interfax».

According to the official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov, the work of the OPCW experts and specialists of Russia in the study area, where terrorists used chemical weapons ensure Russian Centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.

«All the results of the analysis of soil samples and fragments of artillery ammunition, showing the use of militants in Aleppo’s chemical weapons will be transferred in the prescribed manner to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons,» said major-General.

Earlier, the officers of the scientific center of troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the armed forces of Russia in the course of conducting reconnaissance in the area of «1070» (South-Western outskirts of Aleppo – approx. ed.) found evidence of terrorist use of chemical weapons against civilians and Syrian soldiers — unexploded artillery ammunition of terrorists containing toxic substances.

«After carrying out a rapid analysis in the mobile laboratory found that toxic substances that had been filled with artillery ammunition of the insurgents, with a high probability are chlorine and white phosphorus», — said the Ministry of defence.

The defense Ministry said that a deep analysis discovered in Aleppo toxic substances will be carried out in the laboratory of analytical control research centre troops NBC. The centre has accreditation of the OPCW.

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Russia asked the OPCW to send in Aleppo expert on chemical weapons 12.11.2016

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