Rostislav Ishchenko: the question with the overthrow of Poroshenko it is necessary to close until spring

President of the Center for system analysis and forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko in the radio broadcast «Formula meaning» told about the possible impeachment of Poroshenko in the spring of 2017.

«I have already once said that if even not only Ukrainian politicians and experts, but also Ukrainian social media users are discussing with each other on the subject, does not hang on whether Petro Poroshenko, and when and how it will be done, and with whose participation. I would in this case all the specific dates, months or seasons are not called. In reality, if we proceed from the purely political interests, Poroshenko question should be closed until spring. Not in the spring, while spring, at least, in March. It is desirable to do before the presidential elections in France to the new President to come with a new President of Ukraine.

Secondly, why before spring because spring and summer are always people better refers to the re authority. There are some expectations, there are green grass, berries grow, people go on vacation and so on. The government thus receives its strengthening about six months. Incidentally, paying attention that all the upheaval in Ukraine took place at the beginning of the year, winter. In January-February. And just in time for spring the new government came up full of popular support.

Logically, it should happen anytime soon. But, you know, logically, Yanukovych also had to be overthrown in 2015. And are prepared, in General. Because Yanukovych had signed the Association agreement, the economy started to fall, someone had to be my fault that the economy collapses, but this is not the Association agreement is to blame. Had to be to blame the «corrupt regime», in the spring of 2015 elections, Yanukovych is satisfied with the independence, they say: «goodbye, enemy of the people, you give us even the cooperation with Europe has managed to undermine».

But the situation is a little different. It was removed in 2014. And the responsibility for the signing of the Association agreement, fell to the new people’s power. Therefore, to say how it will change randomly the internal political situation in Ukraine, moreover, who have the determination to give the order, someone will pass the nerves. It may, indeed, Petro Poroshenko will sign a decree on the withdrawal of Oleksandr Turchynov, and we will see a great second part Marlezonskogo ballet. Then, too, the question arises whether there is enough Turchinov have the spirit to oppose Poroshenko in this case. Or Arsen Avakov, if there is a decree on the withdrawal. Or they have enough sense just to get away from Ukraine and live somewhere then, to expect that by the time the regime falls, their participation is already forgotten. Already there are other culprits».

Rostislav Ishchenko: the question with the overthrow of Poroshenko it is necessary to close until spring 14.02.2017

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