Revelations of European refugees: behave like animals and they stinks

After the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm in Polish social networks spread the story about how the young Swede was working in a refugee camp, which he shared on the forum. The translation of this story in Russian language is offered to your attention:


I decided to tell you how it really looks in the centre for asylum-seekers. Let me start with few words about yourself.

I’m young and when I left school I didn’t want to continue training in the Institute. I would like to try to work, to know what life is, and had a desire to earn some money before continuing on to further education.

I am far from defining himself as a racist, a skeptic of immigration or supporter of the Swedish Democrats (right-wing conservative party that is opposed to immigrants – ed.).

I began work in the camp. Overall good job, without much ambition on my part.

I always wanted to work with people, so it’s no surprise that drew attention to the fact that many private refugee camps looking for staff. Here I saw a chance for himself. In the future I was planning to get an education, oriented to work with people, so the ad looking for a worker in the refugee centre I found interesting, and I thought that this work will expand my horizons, give inspiration for what I’m looking for later in life.

I came in for an interview to a private center for persons seeking asylum. There I met an elderly woman, who explained the current situation. She stressed that the migration service predicts the arrival in Sweden of a large number of refugees, mainly from Eritrea, Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan.

These people need a roof over my head while waiting in the asylum process.

A woman called me a week notice that I got the job. An agreement was concluded with a trial period of six months and later was supposed to extend indefinitely.

I started work on Monday. Was so much to learn. People were in a difficult situation.

Many were watching me when I came in the first day.

Photo source: House

No one would talk to me. He took the initiative and tried to strike up a conversation with these people. Few of them spoke English, and those who knew anything of the language, it was hard to understand.

The first week I felt completely exhausted. Worked in the kitchen, serve food. When my «wards» wanted to go to town, I was supposed to go with them. Evenings asked them to be quiet and pay attention to their children, who had a late night scream and disturb the peace.

I worked 4 months, and became more and more annoyed.

I knew that these people suffer, but in our center they were treated like royalty.

The rules were such that they received everything they wanted.

I more and more felt, that they begin to treat me like*contrib and slave. I started it to irritate.

Here are some examples of situations during lunch or dinner.

These people sat at their tables and we, the staff, gave them food, drinks, salt, pepper. They opened his mouth, when he wanted something, but not up to themselves to serve. When I eat their food, get up and go, leaving their soiled trays on the table. I had to clean up after them.

I had to make them happy. Sometimes it happened that was a big load of food, many wanted to eat at this time, which led to some delay before they received their food. It was unacceptable for them. They called me a racist b*ADU, idiot, «guy fucking sweden» and the like.

I began to lose hope. I spent nine hours every day to help these people, but couldn’t anymore.

One night I worked for eight hours, until the end I had one hour of work. A group of Somalis wanted to go to the city. I explained through an interpreter that my shift will end soon, though it will wait for my mate who’ll ride with them.

These four Somalis began to push me, insult. I reported this to the head, but he only replied, «these guys are hurting, that maybe you do not understand, do not think about it, try not to worry about it.»

Super – I thought.

I began more and more to make sure that these people will never integrate into Swedish society.

Here’s some of the behavior of these people that I totally understand:

– Pee and poop everywhere except the toilet

The screaming, the mess, the scandals around for 24 hours a day,

They make demands and we treat the staff as slaves,

– When you ask them to do something and to be quiet, then immediately become «fucking guy sweden»,

– They steal his clothes, hygienic products, or Newspapers,

– Stealing food, fruit, drink and eat in rooms that have been made. Eat in the dining room!

– Women are completely dependent. They can neither to say anything nor to do without the permission of men

– Children are disgusting, they knocked the pile in the pants, although they are seven, eight and nine years. Parents, this is generally not interested, they prefer to wait until the feces dries in the children’s pants,

– In their room constantly stinks faeces, just as in the canteens and rest rooms, which are in the center.

After six months, I «threw the towel in the ring.» I don’t want to be a slave of Arabs and Somalis.

The situation in which they are, is terrible, but their culture is very very different from ours. It is not surprising that SD (the Swedish Democrats) gaining strength.

It should be noted that 90% of asylum-seekers, it is absolutely unteachable people. During the work I have had the feeling that I did not talk with people, and with the real animals.

I’m not racist, but despite that I will vote for the Swedish Democrats, because today’s migration, and, above all, integration won’t work. Something has to happen.

You can ask someone who works in the centre for asylum-seekers as it looks».

Revelations of European refugees: behave like animals and they stinks 20.04.2017

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