Response of Vladivostok on the us «control» is the first ship of the DPRK

In Vladivostok today arrived first ship from North Korea. Previously between the DPRK and Russia passenger ships did not go.

First flight cargo-passenger ship Man Gyong Bong on the new regular route between North Korean Regina and Vladivostok as passengers checked by representatives of Chinese tour operators and their Russian partners. Crossing the sea took about nine hours. Scheduled weekly transportation to Russia of Chinese tourists (from the neighboring country), the Russian tourists in Rason and North Korean workers in Vladivostok and back (may 25).

The ship Man Gyong Bong has three dry cargo hold with total capacity of 1,500 tons, which probably will not be empty in flight. Ice-free port of Rajin refers to the North Korean city of Nason with the status of a special economic zone (allowed free conduct of business). Free port is a special customs, tax, investment and related regulation.

Today in Vladivostok was opened Pacific tourism forum, which meet industry experts from Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

Earlier, the US Congress, recall, has approved new restrictions against North Korea in connection with its nuclear missile program.

The bill provides, in particular, the «special control» over the seaports of the several States and the Russian far East ports (Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vanino).

Free port of Vladivostok said the first. Likely a sequel.

Prospects for economic development

The ship Man Gyong Bong, until recently, transported passengers and cargo between the DPRK and Japan. Opening a freight and passenger route from the North Korean Rajhin Vladivostok — item of Russian state policy in the field of integrated socio-economic development of the Far East.

The flow of foreign tourists to Russia is constantly growing, aided by the introduction of the regime of the free port of Vladivostok. Tourism and active business contacts are important for the formation of a favorable investment climate. By order of the government of April 14, 2017 was approved the list of 18 States whose nationals in paragraphs free port and are issued a single entry business, tourist and humanitarian visas (e-document). This regime applies to tourists and businessmen of Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Iran, Qatar, China, North Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey, and Japan. Foreign citizens have the right to freedom of movement within the territory of the Federation, i.e. Primorsky region.
With regard to international sanctions: Russian President Vladimir Putin last year signed a decree on measures to implement resolution 2270 of the UN Security Council of 2 March 2016, governing the application of restrictions against the DPRK. The list of limitations is 30 pages. In particular, prohibits the sale to the DPRK of all conventional arms, significantly restricting the export of the country’s coal, iron, gold, titanium and rare natural minerals.

While no country in the world, no international organization has not authorized the United States to monitor the implementation of resolutions of the UN security Council by the police or other unilateral (cowboy) methods. The bill of the us Congress questioned international economic activity, the sovereignty of Russia, but to a greater extent, the adequacy of the document’s authors.

Problems of the American control

USA, we will remind, intend to keep track of which ships come to Russia and other countries (China, Syria, Iran), what cargoes are being transported in the different ports of Korea. If the route and the goods in Washington deems suspicious, may proceedings on Board, and other police measures or sanctions to the owners of ships and cargoes. Special services of the USA can obtain the right to search ships and aircraft, who visited North Korea in the last 365 days.

The American legislation provides a list of «banned» North Korean products for which the United States can punish and buyer and intermediary: food, gold, zinc, Nickel, titanium, coal, iron, rare earth metals. Also, the United States prohibited the inhabitants of the planet to employ North Korean citizens who are abroad can earn money for the development of national missile and nuclear programs.

Not surprisingly, the US initiative caused outrage in Russia, and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said: «This bill will, I hope, will never be implemented, because its implementation provides for the power scenario with a forced inspection of the American warships all ships. This kind of power scenario boggles the mind, because it is a Declaration of war».

Want can be a lot, but to control Americans can only what own or manage (control element of the management cycle). It is impossible from Washington’s control of the ports and the economic activity of independent States. For the far Eastern ports of Russia, Americans is only able to remotely observe (gather information).

Data on vessel traffic through Russian ports are confidential and may only be transferred to another state only with the approval of the competent authorities. Otherwise it would be a disclosure of state (commercial) secrets, espionage — with the attendant criminal liability for «supervisors».

Americans may ask Russia and other countries, the documents they are interested in Maritime transport, but there is no obligation for such documents to provide. Bilateral or international agreements in this case does not exist. The information of interest to the U.S. can get on its own, using the tools of space exploration, remote hacking the database port or agents on the ground. And you can just inspect in international waters any vessel, showing the captain a standard form with handwritten title. Anything is possible, but given the overall volume of Maritime traffic and the capability of the Navy to the previously mentioned countries, this control is a thankless and dangerous.

In the case of Russia, there is direct railway communication, but as of today between Vladivostok and North Korea defiantly established a permanent marine. Us lawmakers should know their place.

RIA Novosti

Response of Vladivostok on the us «control» is the first ship of the DPRK 19.05.2017

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