Residents of flats in Podolsk freeze the fault of the developer

To turn on the heaters and wrap up in warm clothes — so the residents of one of the buildings in Podolsk near Moscow are forced to wait for their apartments will go cold. The management company seems to be ready to help, but these are all temporary measures. The house is not connected to the line and when it happens — is unknown.

The black banner on the house — a plea for help. Thousands of residents LCD «Spring» in Podolsk every day to check the battery and every day is one and the same result. The floors remain icy despite the fact that the heaters are working, reports «TV Center». So most of the time kids have to spend on the sofas.

Heat supply entity is the company-Builder. Since the boiler is still not connected to the main line, to heat the homes has decided to use liquefied natural gas — it is brought in tanks. He, by the way, is three times more expensive. It turns out that in the past year, solved the problem as well. For the season on gas was spent thirty-six million rubles. Despite the fact that the developer paid half of this amount, bills for heat and electricity the residents have received twice.

«At the meeting, which was attended by the developer a week ago, a representative of the LCD «Spring» said that they almost decided the issue of gas, the material purchased. Now they have to disburse an advance to within three days tied to the boiler,» says the managing Director of the company Ludmila Zimina.

An advance of half a million rubles — this is a necessary concession on the part of the administration of Podolsk. They have already agreed to any terms, just to help freezing tenants. The real cost of connection to the trunk is nine and a half million. The people themselves are not sure that the developer will pay at least an advance.

When did you plan to connect to the trunk from the Builder could not figure out. In the office — no one. Particularly poignant are the questions for the residents who know that arriving cars with liquefied gas two. And that this volume of gas will last less than a week.

Maria Samoilov, Kirill Makarov and Stanislav Kozlovsky. «TV Center».

Residents of flats in Podolsk freeze the fault of the developer 18.10.2017

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