Residents of Barcelona are tired of tourists

«Barcelona without the tourists,» — under such slogans took to the beach rally, hundreds of residents of the Catalan capital. According to residents, they are tired of visitors, the constant noise and crowds in the streets.

However, the greatest dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of the Catalan capital causes a rise in property prices, said «TV Center». To rent an apartment to local residents is no longer affordable. Over the past five years its cost in the most popular resorts almost doubled.

Every year Spain is visited by more tourists. 2016 was a record 75 million people, of which 17 million have visited in Barcelona, despite the fact that local residents in the city only about half a million. However, seriously limit the flow of tourists, the authorities are not solved: the sector brings to the economy 11 percent of GDP.

Residents of Barcelona are tired of tourists 13.08.2017

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