Reports of the war in the Donbass September 17-18: patience DNR on the outcome, the headquarters of the APU exploded near Donetsk

The armed forces of Ukraine continue attacks on the territory of the DNI and LC. Leadership self-proclaimed republics evacuated residential areas and threatens to resume return fire.

Weekends do not rest only Ukrainian artillery: Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) continues large-scale attacks on the territory proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, despite the «regime of silence». Meanwhile, the patience of the leadership of the Republic ends: if Ukraine will not stop to fire, the army DND and LNR will open fire.

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Summary Donetsk national Republic (DND)

The military situation on the territory of Donetsk national Republic (DND) in the last few days has deteriorated significantly. According to the defence Ministry of the DPR over the past day Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 53 times: APU released 13 min caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, were firing from grenade launchers and small arms.

Meanwhile, the «silence regime» in Donbas, announced by DPR and LPR leadership September 15, unilaterally , can be canceled as early as Monday. As said Saturday the head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko, DNI out of the ceasefire if the Ukrainian military will not stop shelling.


According to the army intelligence DNI, in the village of novoselivkaSecond under Volnovaha discovered firing positions of howitzers D-20 152 mm caliber, three howitzer D-30 122 mm, two infantry fighting vehicles and BTR cover. All identified violations handed over to representatives of the OSCE.


Difficult situation in the area of Gorlovka intensified on Friday. Around 20.00 the Northern, Western and southern outskirts of Gorlovka flared glow from the shelling by the APU. Small arms and light mortars caliber 82 mm covered the position of the DNI in the area of zaytsevo and Iron Beams. Night shelling intensified across all three fronts: in particular, attacks were recorded in zaytsevo, Golmovsky, Nikitovka and in the Iron Beam.

According to sources, the area of the mine «Komsomolets» and residential Builder in the West of Gorlovka remained without water supply as a result of intensive shelling.


The difficult situation was observed on weekends in the area debaltseve: DPR army positions North of the town of APU run from easel grenade launchers and heavy machine guns DShK. Several times were recorded «arrivals» of heavy artillery shells.


According to military sources, the DNI, under the Donetsk blew up the field headquarters of AFU in the village Krasnogorovka. According to information from Opolchenia, the headquarters exploded for an unknown reason, along with the staff». Some have reported that the headquarters of the AFU was destroyed in the fighting on the Western outskirts of Donetsk: a shell from a grenade flew into the bunker, resulting in 6 Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

Throughout the night the Ukrainian security forces fired heavy fire on Donetsk. A major confrontation erupted in the Donetsk airport, where APU is fired from mortars of a caliber of 82 mm. From the direction of Marinka Ukrainian security forces orders to fire at the positions of the DNI near the street Green guy from rocket-propelled grenades. Also strong small fight broke out in the village They Petrovsky district: periodically during the fight, used mortars and grenade launchers.


Not subside, the Ukrainian shells in Novoazovsk district DND: according to military sources, the AFU opened fire with mortars, 82 and 120mm, armored vehicles and small arms. In particular, in the area of Talakivka and Kominternovo broke the tight infantry combat with mortars.


Restless this night was occupied by Ukrainian security forces Shirokino: as reported from the positions of the militia DNR near the settlement marked the intensification of the Ukrainian intelligence across defence. In the morning of 17 September, the position was quiet – but at 8 a.m. near the front line trenches exploded mines of calibre of 120 millimetres, released APU from Shirokino.


On Friday night the area of Yasinovataya was twice fired from mortars the armed forces of Ukraine. According to military sources, the DNI, in this area erupted with the most severe and intense battles. In total during the shelling Kyiv security forces out on the territory of Donetsk Republic 10 min. it is Noted that the fire was fought from the positions of AFU in the area of Avdiivka.

Summary Luhansk people’s Republic

Insecurity persists in the Luhansk people’s Republic (LNR). As reported in the people’s militia LNR, Ukrainian security forces over the past day fired twice their position. Fire districts the villages Lozova and Lower lozove were fired from 120-mm mortars and small arms. The Ministry said that losses as a result of shelling no.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian security forces tried three times to attempt a breakthrough in the area of the settlement Lugansk. In fighting one serviceman of VSU was killed by the bursting of grenades, thrown by his colleagues. Two more Ukrainians exploded solovushka while trying to pass secretly to the positions of the LC through a «green fodder». Militias from places otmechayut that the Ukrainian security forces are in no hurry to remove the bodies of its soldiers.

Near the capital the second day of the LC operation on the detection of subversive-reconnaissance group of the APU, abandoned in the rear of the Republic. For the first time a suspicious group of people on the morning of 16 September was seen in the area of Lugansk airport – for a group of people going cross-country, drew the attention of local residents. Searches DRG taken by the authorities of the Ministry of state security of LPR on 16 September brought no results. In the morning of 17 September, the search area for the saboteurs was expanded: saboteurs are searching for in and around Lugansk and in the front line.

In LC, the area occupied by the Ukrainian security forces of Happiness, there was an exchange of four civilians in the Donbass, including 75-year-old woman, detained in the Donetsk SBU Colonel and saboteur who committed a series of terrorist attacks in the Luhansk people’s Republic. As reported by the Commissioner for human rights Donetsk national Republic Daria Morozova, Kiev security forces forcibly kept in the basement of an elderly resident of the DNI and her son to exchange them for detained in Donetsk SBU Colonel.

Author: Nikolay Shingarev

Reports of the war in the Donbass September 17-18: patience DNR on the outcome, the headquarters of the APU exploded near Donetsk 18.09.2016

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