Reports of the war in the Donbass 18 Aug: APU staged firestorm in Gorlovka

The armed conflict in the Donbass not subside despite all the peace initiatives, the Ukrainian Armed forces continue to bombard the territory of the proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. On the night of August 18 AFU intensified shelling of Gorlovka and vicinities: according to reports of the militia and local residents, Ukrainian security forces staged a «batch» in the Northern, southern and Western borders and Horlivka. Meanwhile, in the camp of the Ukrainian security forces there are rumors about the date of the coming offensive in the Donbass.

The latest news of armed conflict in the Donbass – in the material IA «National news».

Summary Donetsk national Republic (DND)

Situation on the territory proclaimed Donetsk national Republic continues to remain extremely tense. According to the defence Ministry of the DPR for the evening and night at Yasinovataya and its surroundings, the Western outskirts of Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk and the village of Elenovka , AFU released 113 artillery shells.

While APU artillery shelled the Donbass, among the rank and file soldiers of the Ukrainian army on the front lines continues to spread rumors. According to a military source in the DPR, the Ukrainian soldier has been stuffed with rumors that the Donetsk and Lugansk supposedly soon announce the attack, and called the date – August 24, Ukraine’s independence Day. From such brainwashing Ukrainian troops are in a panic: in case of resumption of hostilities, the first fall position in the area of Svetlodarsk and Avdeevka, where APU has created a danger of «pot».

At the same time, brainwashing the soldiers, Ukraine pulls to the front line equipment. Eyewitnesses in the area of Raisins reported movement of the Ukrainian tanks «Bulat» and other equipment for the APU from Kharkov in Artemovsk.


On the line of contact near Avdeevka tonight broke the intense battle with small arms and mortars. In response to the provocations of the APU Donetsk military opened counter-battery fire by artillery calculations of the APU in the industrial area of the Town. As a result, «otvetku» two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four wounded.


The most intense confrontation was observed throughout the night in Gorlovka and the surrounding area. Across the line and Horlivka, the Ukrainian military opened heavy fire: in the course went the mortars, small arms and armored vehicles. Active fighting and shelling was observed in the villages of shyroka Balka, Batmanova, Ozeryanovka, Mikhaylovka, Panteleymonovka and Red Partisans, on the outskirts of Korolenko, in the area of FTP in the 245 quarter in Deep, 19/20 and Iron Beam.

Continued shelling of the North of Horlivka: the intensity of the fire increases with each passing day. In the village of zaytsevo , the Ukrainian security forces fire covered the Northern territory, in the course went the artillery AFU positions in Dzerzhinsk. Also, the fire of the Ukrainian security forces caught the district Mallorcan market on the Northern outskirts of Gorlovka. Overall, shootings, in addition to Russian Federationalso affected the towns Golmovsky , and Nikitovka in the North of Gorlovka

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military got on Gorlovka direction, and the response from the army DND: as a result of counter-battery fire occurred in a military warehouse of the APU explosion in the village of Granite.


The shelling of Donetsk this night again focused on the Northern and Western outskirts of the city. The battle joined, the regions of Donetsk airport and the village of Spartacus. Army DNR has recorded the strongest cannonade at the airport Ukrainian security officials released the ruined air port Donetsk 120-mm mines.

The most powerful attacks occurred in the Petrovsky and Chervonogvardeysky districts of Donetsk Kyiv security forces opened fire on the village They Petrovsky district: in social networks, the militia shared the sensations that the fire goes along the line of the horizon — from Adminposelka to Spartacus.


Aside yasinovatskiy checkpoint and the surrounding area from 19:10 was an intense battle. Throughout the night the residents of the city reported powerful shots in the direction of the city suburbs and nuclear warheads, with trailing train.

Summaries people’s Republic of Lugansk (LC)

Was not a quiet night for residents of the Luhansk national Republic. APU the night from the direction of the city Popasna was shelled the town of Stakhanov, resulting in damaged buildings and power lines. During the shelling was used by artillery of 152 mm caliber. no One was hurt – however, there are shortages of electricity and gas supply. On the streets of Kerch had been broken in the low-pressure gas pipeline, power lines are killed on the street of the 19th settlement.

In just the past day, the Kiev security forces fired four times at the territory of the LC. From the same direction Popasna fire from mortars and grenade launchers were conducted in districts Pervomaisk and kalynove. Also again came under fire near the monument to Prince Igor in Lugansk — from the direction of Stanytsia Luhanska and Bakhmutka on the monument beat 82-mm mortars.

Author: Nikolay Shingarev

Reports of the war in the Donbass 18 Aug: APU staged firestorm in Gorlovka 18.08.2016

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