Reports of the war in Syria September 9: offensive SAA in Latakia, humanitarian aid to Aleppo residents

The Syrian army launched a major offensive in Northern Latakia. Government forces are engaged in fierce fighting in Aleppo.

Continuing operations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against terrorist groups «Islamic state» (IG)*, the Jabhat al-Fateh al-sham» (the former «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra»*), as well as militants of other banned organizations. The armed forces of the CAA provide support based on the base Hamim (Latakia) division of the aerospace forces (VKS RF).

Using the fact that the main forces of the militants are now concentrated near Aleppo, the Syrian army launched a major offensive in Northern Latakia. Today troops liberated from the terrorists a few mountain areas and strategic heights.

The latest news of the war in Syria at this hour – in the material IA «National news».

#MAP: Not only did the Syrian Army regain what it lost in Ramouseh, but also managed to liberate the entire district

— The ‘Nimr’ Tiger (@Souria4Syrians) September 8, 2016


The Syrian Arab Army is developing a strategic success obtained by it under Aleppo: militants are fleeing in panic from advancing government troops. According to sources, government forces fully captured the territory Sadkop fuel storage in the quarter , Ramussen and established control over the height of tel al-Sufra.

Syrian Soldier at the Ramouseh checkpoint after it was liberated#Aleppo

— The ‘Nimr’ Tiger (@Souria4Syrians) September 8, 2016

Despite the loud accusations of the Syrian opposition in the catastrophic situation of the civilian population of Syria, the humanitarian situation in Syria stabiliziruemost: Syrian military did not prevent the passage through their checkpoints humanitarian assistance. So, on the evening of 8 October in Aleppo arrived three tons of «humanitarian aid» from Russia for those residents who have suffered as a result of the four-year siege of the city. In the composition of the goods were food and basic necessities.

JFS/Nusra officially announce death of Saraqib AKA Abo Omar Abo Hajaar al-Homsi

— Hassan Ridha (@sayed_ridha) September 9, 2016

Meanwhile, insurgents in continuous battles lose your own leaders. In particular, under Aleppo laid down their lives, the founders of the terrorist group «Jaish al-Fatah Abu Hajar al-Homsi and Abu Omar Saraqib and killed the leader of the Jabhat al-Fateh al-sham» Abu Muslim al-Shami.

In the Syrian border town Dzharablusunder the control of the Turkish armed forces and the forces of the «Free Syrian Army», the explosion occurred. In the accident killed five people.


The Syrian Arab army (SAA) have repelled a major attack by militants in Eastern ghouta on the position of the government army. According to a military source, the Syrian army repelled the attack of terrorists in the district of tal Savvan in Eastern ghouta, during the operation killed several terrorists. In addition, the source in Syria reported that the Republican Guard SAA is fighting in the area of the farms of al-Rayhan.

Meanwhile, in the Northern province of Damascus is a quarrel between the militants «Jaish al-Islam» and the terrorists «Islamic state» (IG), leading battles with the Syrian army in Eastern Qalamoun. The video shows how under the cover of night, the militants «Jaish al-Islam carried out the attack on ISIS in the Eastern part Kalamoun.

Deir ez-Zor

The terrorists of the «Islamic state» attacked residential areas of Deir-ez-Zor, controlled by government forces. After the residents refused to leave their homes, the terrorists opened at quarter mortar fire. During the attack killed 23 civilians, another 30 wounded.

In response to the brutal attack of ISIS, the Syrian air force with the participation of artillery of the government troops attacked the command centers of the terrorists in the areas of al-Jafr, of Hatley, Jabal Al-Sard al-Bhalia and conducted a successful offensive against the terrorists Northwest hills tel brook. During the successful operations of the Syrian air force and artillery destroyed dozens of terrorists and destroyed military equipment to ISIS.


Army units destroyed a group of terrorists near al Balad, province of Dara’a. Work the points of the terrorists and the Syrian air force: on Friday afternoon, the aircraft struck several air strikes on the positions of terrorists near the settlements of IBTA, Dual and al-Sura. In the result of an air attack dozens of terrorists were liquidated.


The Syrian air force struck several air strikes on terrorist positions in the vicinity of the village of al-Tah in the southern part of the province of Idlib. At the same time, the Russian space forces have carried out more than twenty air strikes on militants «Jaish al-Fatah in the administrative center of the province.

خريطة مواقع توضّح سيطر والتلال القرى التي عليها الجيش السوري رجال هذا اليوم#قد_التحدي .

— Eyad Alhosain (@AboZain6) September 9, 2016


SAA and allied forces have launched a major offensive in Northern Latakia. The source reports that SAA are attacking rebel positions on the axis of the Seraph Kilis, close to the Syrian-Turkish border.

Situation in north east of #Latakia #SAA gained more territory while the other fellas advancing in Aleppo sw !

— Islamic World News (@A7_Mirza) September 9, 2016

According to the Department SNO Mountain lions», the government forces took control of the village of Mashula and stormed the height of the tel-rush and the settlement of Naseba. Government forces regained control over the villages of ARD al-Wool and ‘Ayn al-Hur and established control over the height of Dahrat Abu Assad.

@watanisy ongoing operations

— watanisy (@watanisy) September 9, 2016

At the moment SAA and allied groups prepare a United front for the capture of the mountains, the Jabal Ar-Rai – key points Northern Latakia. Sources reported the capture of several «numbered» heights on this mountain.

Syrian Army captured joyriding in a ‘Jund Al Aqsa’ BMP#Kawkab
North of #Hama

— The ‘Nimr’ Tiger (@Souria4Syrians) September 8, 2016


In the Northern province of Hama continues, the bitter struggle of the Syrian Arab Army with the militant group Jund al Aqsa and their allies of the «Free Syrian Army». According to the source, the SAA and allied forces liberated the village of al-Jadida and al Masalik from the militants of the Jund al-Aqsa». Not far behind, and air support: Syrian air force carried out an air attack on the positions of terrorists near al-Glutamine and around the city Coverset.


The Syrian army repelled an attack by Islamic state terrorists on the hill tel-Syriatel in the Eastern part of the province of HOMS. During the operation eliminated several insurgents. Military aircraft of Syria destroyed command posts of the IG to the South of Palmyra and es-Sohne, Eastern part of the district of al-Hallabat.

As Suwaydah

As a result of actions of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the CAA were able to destroy the command post of rebels on the outskirts of Busra al-sham in the southern province as suwaydah.

Author: Nikolay Shingarev

Reports of the war in Syria September 9: offensive SAA in Latakia, humanitarian aid to Aleppo residents 09.09.2016

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