Replacement lock cylinder front door

Replacement lock cylinder front door

Even the most reliable lock will eventually wear out and the time comes to change it. Cylinder locks are popular and are simultaneously vulnerable species mechanisms of secrecy. But their big advantage is the easy replacement of old larvae for a new one without the need to purchase and dismantling of the castle, you only need to know how. To replace the lock cylinder with your hands is a snap, and we will tell you how to do it properly.

How does the larva

The mechanism of secrecy cylinder lock is a maggot located in her pins or pins that are in separate channels, and rely on springs. The pins consist of two parts and when the key is in the keyhole, blocking rotation of the core. If you insert in the keyhole the correct key connectors all pins are located on the same level and the core easily turns the key, bringing the movement to lock the locking mechanism.

Replacement lock cylinder is not time consuming, does not require complicated tools and effort. To make it much easier, than to change the lock, the whole process of dismantling and installing the new cylinder, if you have a little skill, takes less than 20 minutes.

If you want to change the larva,suggest the larvae of the company Cisa, which ensures enhanced security level locking mechanism due to the useful properties of the product.

When replacement is necessary

Besides the obvious situations, such as loss or breakage of the key, the replacement lock cylinder is required if signs of wear or faulty lock. If you do not treat them carefully, one day the lock simply will not open and have to hack to get into the house.

Cylinder lock mechanism includes a spring, which over time lose their elasticity and no longer fully raise the support pins to desired height. As a result, when insertion of the key does not unlock the cylinder. Themselves pins and the key is also gradually wear out, especially quickly this happens with the cheaper models. You can compare the working keys with spare, and to determine how many faces has lost its height and sharpness of the cut. Period of operation of a lock cylinder ranges from 3 to 20 years, depending on the used materials and manufacturing quality.

To prevent jamming of locking mechanism, pay attention to the appearance of unusual sounds when you turn the key, hard core movement. When the springs SAG, it starts partially shimming and continues to rotate only after the swing key in the hole. Sometimes jammed the rotary Cam, the mechanically loaded part, transmission of the stress on the locking pins.

How to choose a suitable striker to replace

Choose it depending on the size and type of the old cylinder that was installed in the castle. If the exact model name is unknown, before going to the shop disassemble the cylinders to measure or take with you. If desired, the door was left unlocked, the larva can immediately return to the place. Most manufacturers follow the DIN standard, so the same lock can be set larvae of different brands with different level of secrecy.

Standard cores have a height of 33 mm and a diameter of 17 mm, but the length and the location of the mounting screw from different models differ. Need to measure accurately with a ruler the length of the cylinder and the distance to the mounting holes. A good way is to put it on a sheet of paper and draw with a pencil, noting the location of holes for screws, and take the picture in the store to check it size. It is important to make sure the lock cylinder does not protrude above the level of the door leaf, it is even better to hide it under the bronenakladki.
Larvae of any category and any size of company Apecs — protect your door quality izdeliy.

The sequence of dismantling

For dismantling of old larvae will need a Phillips screwdriver and a key from the lock. On the face of the door there are several screws that hold the lock case in the door leaf. One of them, opposite the bottom of the cylinder, serves for its fastening. Continue to do three easy steps:

  • Using a screwdriver, Unscrew the retaining screw and remove from the niche.
  • Insert the key in the keyhole and to turn a little so that the Cam cylinder hid in a niche, on par with the casing and does not interfere with the extraction.
  • In this position, the key locked in the keyhole and pulling it to easily remove the lock cylinder.
  • The extract is produced from the inner side as the outer is usually installed bronenakladki. But sometimes decorative trim on the doors from the room side has a complicated mounting, in such a situation it is easier to remove the larva from the outside. In some models there is a special locking screw of the internal flywheel, which prevents dismantling, it is necessary to Unscrew before removing.

    The installation process

    To install the cylinders in the lock performs the opposite action:

  • Insert the new key into the lock and turn a little to the Cam turned and hid in a special niche.
  • New larva is placed in place of the old, check the correctness of its position, achieve accurate alignment of the fastening holes with the recess for the screw in the door leaf.
  • Insert the mounting swamps that it passed through the mounting hole of the larva, and screwed it, fixing it in the nest.
  • That’s all, the replacement lock cylinder is produced, it remains only to check the performance of the new mechanism.

    Non-standard situations

    There are situations when to replace a lock cylinder in a simple way will not work. Consider some of them:

    Broken in the keyhole the key

    When the key is inserted in the keyhole, the lock is in the unlocked state. To rotate the core and hide blocking the extraction of the larvae of the Cam, you need the right size screwdriver to insert into the valid depth, and with the effort to scroll at angle of 10-15 degrees. Then extract the larvae with the same screwdriver or, if possible, pushing from the opposite side.

    Rusty mounting bolt

    Once you start replacing, you find that the mounting bolt is rusted and impossible to Unscrew it. In this case not to do without hacking the larvae. The weak point of the cylinder is where there is a mounting hole. You can remove bronenakladki and their ticks for the protruding part of the larvae, with the effort to dramatically turn her. If the cylinder cracks, the screw will be easier to Unscrew with a screwdriver.

    Lost key or broken lock

    If you cannot open the door any other way resort to drilling out the pins and breaking the cylinder, and then change it for a new one. Choose a drill diameter of 6-8 mm. For drilling in contrast to the simple replacement requires considerable physical effort to hold the drill in the correct position. To rotate the Cam enough to drill up to half the length.

    In conclusion

    Sometimes to make the move stalled the Cam or the core helps graphite lubricant, but it does not reduce the risk of failure of the locking mechanism. Spent limit to the number of cycles or poor cylinder needs to be replaced. Make sure the house was secure, choose a reliable and timely perform its replacement. Now you know how to replace lock cylinder front door and will be able to do everything with your hands.

    Article provided by the shop door furniture.

    Replacement lock cylinder front door 01.11.2017

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