Reconstruction of the aminyevskoye motorway completed early

Monday for motorists has opened traffic on Amin shosse, which will be part at the same time the North-West Expressway and the southern Expressway. The start was given by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The reconstruction of this road section started almost 3.5 years ago, but to complete the work even managed half a year ahead of plan. Now it is a modern highway with two to five lanes in each direction.

From General Dorokhov street to Kutuzovsky Prospekt directly less than three kilometers. However, to bring this site up to modern transportation standard, the builders had to reconstruct all adjacent street network. The finished object is in the amount of almost 9 kilometers high quality road surface, transfers «TV Center».

«Aminevskoe highway is part and North-West chord at a time and the southern belt, which stretches from Rublevsky highway to Kashirki and on to the streets of Lublin. One of the largest construction projects ended, and bandwidth aminyevskoye highway increased by almost 30%. It will improve the movement of two adjacent areas, entrances to the existing two metro stations, four stations under construction. So it’s an important facility,» — said Sobyanin.

According to tradition, the right of first travel on the six-lane overpass construction equipment — aerial platforms, cranes and dump trucks. But towards the already ordinary civilian cars. The movement is open to all.

If earlier there was an ordinary four-lane city road, now a broad, traffic light-free highway. Work performed qualitatively, and even object put into operation almost eight months ahead of schedule.

On a relatively compact patch of urban space, road builders managed to erect six large-scale artificial structures. Two tunnels, two trestles, two of the overpass. At the same time completely preserved the exceptional environment of the capital of the Setun river, which passes under the highway. Builders admit that the difficulty level of this section of the North-West Expressway, did concede that open a year and a half ago the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel.

Ahead builders is the next difficult stage of the work. By the beginning of autumn expect to complete construction of another area, which will connect the aminyevskoye motorway and Mosfilmovskaya street. Then the North-West Expressway will be continued and merge with the equally ambitious project — South Rokada. The designers say, a highway with a total length of over 70 kilometers and will connect the major radial roads and the third will relieve traffic on the Moscow ring road.

Andrey Sidorenko, Maksim Pankin, Kirill Makarov, «TV Center».

Reconstruction of the aminyevskoye motorway completed early 06.06.2017

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