Rebels in Yemen have taken hostage more than 40 journalists

In Yemen, Houthi rebels seized the building of the TV station Yemen Today and held there 41 journalist, including freelance correspondent of the Russian Agency Sputnik. The channel was supported by former President of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed the day before.

In Yemen insurgents hold journalist Sputnik and 40 members of the media. On the eve of the country was killed by the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, he died two days later after a call to speak out against their recent allies, the Shiite Houthis, with whom clashes in the capital Sana’a began in late November, reports «TV Center».

Both sides killed more than 200 people. Saleh led the country for 34 years, in 2012, after mass protests resigned, taking the side of the Houthis in the uprising against the new government.

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Rebels in Yemen have taken hostage more than 40 journalists 05.12.2017

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