Rakka went over to the Americans

Syrian foreign Minister: coalition led by US invaded Raqqa

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic believes that the US is playing a double game, deceiving the international community about his plans in Syria. Under the control of Washington power «doing crime» in raqqa, and the city «remains occupied and erased 90% of the face of the earth», say in Damascus.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria sent Sunday, October 29, message to the UN security Council. According to the text of the letter, the US «impose international community confusion about their plans in Syria and violate the sovereignty of the country», reports news Agency SANA.

Of the US-led military coalition they claim that raqqa liberated by their forces, but the words «hasty calls to its reconstruction aim to divert world attention from the crimes that they do in this Syrian province», say in Damascus.

«90% of the city wiped off the face of the earth as a result of the barbaric bombing of the coalition, and tens of thousands of people driven from their homes and became refugees», writes the Syrian foreign Ministry in a message.
«Syria confirms that the city of raqqa — still captured the city. We can not be considered released until you enter the city the Syrian army, which is fighting against the «Islamic state», — said a source in SANA Syrian government, confirming the position of Damascus.

He also believes that the statements of the coalition headed by the USA about the liberation of Raqqa «a lie in order to divert international attention».

Earlier the representative of the coalition, headed by USA Ryan Dillon stated that the allies do not agree with the statement of the Ministry of defense that during the liberation of the Syrian Raqqa «wiped off the land» like Dresden in 1945.

«We have seen these statements. In terms of civilians, I can say that we agree with the protection of civilians. We make great efforts to prevent casualties among the civilian population than anyone and anywhere. The damage that was caused to raqqa, lies entirely on the IG («Islamic state» is banned in Russia organization), «said Dillon.
According to him, of all the munitions that had been dropped by the coalition for three years, tonly 0.3 percent resulted in civilian casualties.
Dillon also said that the city «was the scene of a war between several warring parties for more than five years.»
On 22 October, the Russian defense Ministry has expressed bewilderment by statements of the West about the liberation of raqqa in Northern Syria from the militants — under the ruins of residential areas was «buried» thousands of civilians, the Ministry. This happened due to the airstrikes the us-led coalition, said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov.

Raqqa «has inherited the fate of Dresden in 1945, erased from the earth, the Anglo-American bombing,» reads the press release of the Ministry.

«What, then, is dictated by the rush of the Western capitals with the target funding only Rakka? One thing remains — the desire to quickly cover up the traces of the barbaric bombing of the US air force and the «coalition», buried in the ruins of thousands of Raqqa «liberated» from ISIS civilians», — said Konashenkov.
In mid-October, the President of the United States Donald trump confirmed the complete liberation of Raqqa from terrorists.

«I’m happy to announce that «the forces of democratic Syria,» our partners in the fight against ISIS in Syria, successfully recaptured Raqqa, which the terrorists proclaimed their «capital». Together with them, our forces liberated the entire city from the control of the IG», — wrote in the presidential Twitter trump.
According to the owner of the Oval office, the liberation of Raqqa means a breakthrough for the U.S. in the international campaign against this group.

Trump said that «nearing the end of the «Caliphate» of ISIS».

«We will soon move on to a new phase, which will support local security forces to participate in the de-escalation of violence in Syria and promote conditions for a lasting peace, that terrorists are not able to return and again threaten collective security», — said the American leader.
He also phas poblagodaril everyone who took part in the liberation of Raqqa. This statement caused surprise in the Ministry of defence.

«Bravura statements of official representatives of the US administration about the «outstanding victory» over ISIS in raqqa puzzling,» — said the General-major Konashenkov.
According to him, in the view of the Pentagon ISIS controlled in Syria Raqqa only. Konashenkov explained that the raqqa — the provincial town where before the war there lived about 200 thousand people, and the beginning of a five-month coalition operations on its release — not more than 45 thousand.

«For comparison, Deir ez-Zor with the vast suburbs of the Euphrates river before the war was inhabited by over 500 thousand people, and liberated the whole territory of the Syrian troops with the support of Russian air force in 10 days», — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Rakka went over to the Americans 30.10.2017

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