Railway arch Crimean bridge mounted on the supports

The builders of the Crimean bridge set train the arch to the supports. Design weighing six thousand tons lifted up on 35-metre height. Unique operation lasted all night, were involved the most powerful jacks. At work mechanisms followed by the leading engineers of the project. Now working to secure huge detail.

New sea gate of the Kerch Strait. The first of two navigable arches of the Crimean bridge towers over the fairway. Thirty-five meters above the level of water will pass under the arches of almost all types of ships, reports «TV Center».

While the European part of Russia just woke up in the Crimea have already completed a unique Maritime operation. 16 powerful jacks all night slowly raised the giant detail. Five meters per hour, the speed of a snail. Hundreds of powerful ropes, and collected in a kind of strands, pulling the arch a few hours.

It was the last stage of one of the most complex technological operations. In order to transfer the arch from the shore to pick it up, took a little more than two days. The builders have been preparing for this for over a year. Helped by nature itself. White arch barely took his place on the piers, in the Strait, the wind increased.

«Preparing for the lifting of the arch began in 19 hours. The separation of the arched superstructure from pawapuri occurred in 21 hours. The surgery lasted about 14 hours, that is, the operation went as planned, and the arch is in position. At the moment, installing bracing, opens navigation», — said Deputy Director for production of «Mostootryad-1» Michael Piksaev.

On stage — road to the arch of the Crimean bridge. It will install in a month. But technologically the Russian mainland is already associated with the Peninsula. The event, which without exaggeration can be called historic. The first cars at the 19-kilometer bridge will pass at the end of next year.

Boris Maksudov, «TV Center».

Railway arch Crimean bridge mounted on the supports 29.08.2017

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