Radicals blocked the factory Roshen in Vinnytsia

In Ukraine, the radicals have blockaded candy factory Poroshenko, and announced that this is only the beginning. The President set a hard ultimatum to make a choice between commercial interests and duties. Ukrainians urged not to do business with companies that belong to the head of state. In his Declaration over a hundred.

Petro Poroshenko put an ultimatum, said «TV Center». Activists of the «liberation Movement» began warning the blockade of the premises of chocolate company Roshen. That under the Constitution the President must get rid of their assets to a newly remembered at a rally near the Verkhovna Rada.

«We need Ukraine in which people will choose a government which will serve them and not the oligarchs, and for that we need to take another next step: from standing here to move on to crackdown in more than 100 companies Poroshenko, he earned as in those 20 years a Minister, a Deputy Secretary RNBO, the President,» — said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko.

Activists blocked the factory in Vinnytsia and logistics center in Kyiv region. Near the buildings, and day and night are on duty people in the military gear. This is mainly soldiers, officers and veterans of the volunteer battalions, national guard and armed forces. They urged Ukrainians to abandon the sweet life and thereby cut through the financial mine the President.

«At his shop in Vinnytsia organized group of people that will urge everyone to buy sweets, not to buy candy. All the money goes to the enrichment of the President in a time when we need a Supreme commander,» — said the MP Yegor Sobolev.

However, threatened not only the chocolate business. Activists have promised to extend the blockade. The queue transport, agricultural, insurance and media owned by the President. Poroshenko promised to sell their assets during the election campaign. But instead only increased their capital over the past year alone almost $ 500 million. His fortune is now estimated at one billion. In the Ukrainian Poroshenko’s rating ranks fifth.

«Over time, when the President was able to fulfill his promise which he gave to the people, when he ran for President. We want to appeal to the President: it’s time to choose or a country or a business. Because it is impossible to earn the commander in chief in time of war,» — said the Deputy Sobolev.

Moreover, to fight the Ukrainian authorities now have not with the Donbass and with the disorder in his own army. According to the military Prosecutor of Ukraine, non-combat losses for three years, has exceeded 10 thousand people. It is twice more than in the fighting in the South-East. According to the Minister of defence, the main causes of losses in the army of disease, violation of safety and drunkenness, which often develops into a conflict with weapons.

Nikita Vasilyev, «TV Center»

Radicals blocked the factory Roshen in Vinnytsia 29.10.2017

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