Quotas on vylov a crab can be put up for public auction

Company engaged in production of crabs, may be on the verge of ruin. This will be the case if the government will revise existing regulations to conduct such business. This initiative came to the President. The document proposes to allocate quotas for catching crabs between market participants through open auctions.

Return to open auctions for the catch of crab will endanger the whole industry. Right of fishing accorded an already running business. The rule change will allow to win a tender to any third party and may lead to the ruin of more than 60 companies of the far East. If you change an existing principle of distribution of quotas, the collapse of the entire system that has formed in Russia over the past 10-15 years, reports «TV Center».

«The company will lose the resource, respectively, will lose their jobs. This is jobs, and the profit that they spend on investment. In the far East under threat of dismissal to be of the order of thousand of seafarers. Remember all auctions early 2000-ies. They guide, evaluating the consequences», — said the President of the Association of miners crab Far East Alexander Duplyakov.

On the agenda also is the issue and the refusal of investment quota, which Grabovoy get for the construction of new vessels. Such measures are already introduced in the early 2000-ies. They were considered a failure. Then it led to the ruin of the enterprises and the freezing of construction of vessels.

«This freezing of the investment or the rejection of those investment projects that are being implemented or on which the enterprise stated. It defaults of several companies, with consequences for the financial system,» — said the President of the Russian Association rybopromyshlennikov.

The question of a possible change in the rules on the seafood market will become the main all-Russian Congress of workers of the fisheries sector. It will be held on 27 February 2018 in Moscow.

Julia Stepina, Natalia Epifanova, «TV Tsentr», Moscow.

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Quotas on vylov a crab can be put up for public auction 07.12.2017

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