Putin’s magnanimity impressed the world’s media

Mixed reaction of the world media has caused Vladimir Putin’s decision not to respond to the sanctions leaving the White house. According to Western media, Moscow is frightened by the countermeasures, and then be generous. Some journalists even tried to talk seriously about beats if the Russian leadership is elected President of the United States. The trump in this interpretation he laughed, and the actions of Vladimir Putin called smart step.

When exactly will fly home Russian diplomats, not reported for reasons of safety. We only know the number – 96: 35 staff of diplomatic missions in Washington and San Francisco, and members of their families. For those who work in the American capital, will arrive aboard a special flight group «Russia». The tickets from Washington to new year’s eve could not get hold of. The Embassy staff in San Francisco already have on hand the tickets of «Aeroflot», the truth of Los Angeles – 500 miles between the two cities will have to go on the machines, reports «TV Center».

Trump criticized CNN and NBC for coverage of Russia’s response to U.S. sanctions

Putin’s magnanimity impressed the world’s media 01.01.2017

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