Putin will inspect the work of the acting heads of the Novgorod and Yaroslavl regions on the ground

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will make a working trip to the Yaroslavl and Novgorod region. According to the press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov, Putin intends to see the results of the work of the acting heads of regions. The expert suggested that the visits needed to support candidates in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Novgorod and Yaroslavl region. This was reported by «Izvestia» with reference to press Secretary of the head of state and experts.

According to Dmitry Peskov, the President is going to see the first results of work of heads of regions. In Veliky Novgorod the head of state will come roughly on April 17-18. During the visit, is supposed to be meeting with acting Governor Andrei Nikitin. A visit to the Yaroslavl region scheduled for 25 April. Putin intends to meet with representatives of the business community and acting Governor Dmitry Mironov. Experts believe that the meeting with the heads of regions required to support them before the upcoming elections.

«And Dmitri Mironov, Andrey Nikitin need signs of support from the President. Nikitin works in field just over a month and his campaign, in fact, did not start. Mironov heads the area more than six months, but both politicians are still not too strong position in the public field. The situation may change, since the President’s visit is always a kind of message for voters,» — said Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Rostislav Turovsky.

«It is important to provide political support to the «Vikings» to overcome the resistance of local elites. In addition, a negative result on Governor’s elections in September, or excess administrative resources may affect the presidential elections», — said the President of Center for strategic research Dmitry Abzalov.

Elections of heads of regions will be held in a single voting day September 10, 2017.

Putin will inspect the work of the acting heads of the Novgorod and Yaroslavl regions on the ground 03.04.2017

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