Putin urged to study the work of the police at protests

The Russian leader proposed to analyze the actions of police officers during the protests. According to Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to constantly analyze and make adjustments as needed. The head of state stressed that this applies to both law enforcement and the judicial system.

In addition, the Russian President focused on the need to guarantee the freedom of the Russians.

Putin believes that the protesters themselves often exacerbate the situation to attract attention to himself. All the protesters need to understand that will block the streets to disturb the life of the major cities and cause aggression is wrong. According to the Russian leader to resolve disputes in the organization of meetings, you need to work with both parties.

In Russia there is no hysterics associated with the protests, assured Vladimir Putin. But sometimes there are natural bursts of protests, which the authorities cannot respond.

Putin urged to study the work of the police at protests 30.10.2017

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