Putin urged to openly share information about the role of Russia in the victory over Nazism

Revision of history leads to the separation of countries and peoples, the emergence of new dividing lines and the formation of enemy image, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the organizing Committee «Victory». It was dedicated to the international humanitarian cooperation in order to promote objective information about Russia, including its role in the victory over Nazism. The President proposed to publish archival materials, not only on specialized sites and social networks.

Shortly before the anniversary is traditionally St George’s hall opened its doors for members of the Victory organising Committee, said «TV Center». In the Kremlin gathered Ministers, envoys, heads of administrations and, of course, veterans. On the left hand of the head of state Makhmut Gareev — 93-year-old Soviet leader. In a sign of respect before such as he, Putin said, our generation is obliged to preserve the historical truth about the Second world war.

«History, no matter how difficult and controversial it may be, is not to embroil the people, and to warn against errors, help to strengthen good neighbourly relations. Of course, unfortunately, there are other approaches to history, when trying to turn into a political and ideological weapon. We see what are the risks of a cynical attitude to the past as falsification, manipulation of historical facts leads to the separation of countries and peoples, the emergence of new dividing lines, the formation of enemy image. Especially dangerous is the course taken in some countries on the glorification of Nazism, justification of Nazi collaborators. It not only offends the memory of victims of Nazism – such a policy is fueling nationalist, xenophobic, radical forces», — said the President.

These forces all of the above raise your head on the background of the unfolding campaign. Attempting to revise the Charter of the UN the end of the Second world war, or even to put an equal sign between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. According to the survey, which was conducted by the Agency «Sputnik», almost half of Europeans still believe that the key role in the victory over fascism belongs to America. And here is the special hope of compatriots abroad, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, which have recently shown increasing interest in Patriotic stock. Conventional ribbon or portrait of a veteran in the ranks of the «Immortal regiment» can sometimes tell a lot more than the history books.

«The geographic scope of the action «Immortal regiment». Last year it was held in more than 50 countries around the world. Can not but rejoice that in a number of countries, including Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Serbia, the United States and France, the procession was joined by compatriots the citizens of these States,» said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin.

Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria – the border behind the border, the Red army moved further West. In these countries there is a majority of Soviet monuments. Few days ago unknown persons poured yellow paint on a monument to soldiers-liberators at Budapest. Before that it was the desecration of the memorial in the centre of Vienna. And such acts of vandalism happen almost every week. About how to sell the story of the great Patriotic younger generation, said the chief editor of TV channel RT.

«Here, for example, work best viral videos. Such short videos are available are in online space and then live their lives: people send each other and in their accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and it gets a different audience than what can be done by conventional means on television,» — said Margarita Simonyan.

There are more videos in 3D, 360 – all this allows to speak to young people in understandable language. But do not forget about traditional ways of education, reminded the Ministry of culture. Recently the Russian historical society has installed a dozen monuments to the fallen soldiers all over Europe – from Serbia to France. Regularly open museums, historical held forums, festivals. Concluded the Minister’s announcement of the feature film on which we are working – Sobibor. About the successful mass escape from death camps. Vladimir Putin supported the initiative.

«I believe that our discussions today, work today will be a good impetus to the organization of all our activities and Patriotic direction, and from the point of view of protection the truth about historical facts, those which are so important and so sensitive to our people. Only objective, factual information can be a reliable protection from any kind of aggressive Amateurs and the falsification of history – that is obvious,» — said the head of state.

This objective information was available, the President proposed to publish archival materials not only on specialized sites and social networks. After all, the farther from us is the feat of the Soviet people, the harder it is to maintain the full value of historical truth.

Anna Peshekhonov, Pavel Vinokurov, Ilya Ushakov, «TV Center»

Putin urged to openly share information about the role of Russia in the victory over Nazism 21.04.2017

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