Putin summarized the results of three years of work onf

«Forum actions» all-Russia people’s front was held in Moscow. Participation in it took Vladimir Putin. In summing up the work front for the past three years, the President noted that she brought quite tangible results. The activities of the Front attracts more people, so as to address specific problems.

On the fourth, the latest in 2016, «Forum actions» are summed not only the results of the work of the popular front for the last year, but of the whole three-year period since the founding Congress of the movement. The most pressing challenges of our time discussing on seven thematic areas, reports «TV Center». But, of course, the focus is to live in communion with the leader onf Vladimir Putin.

First of all, the President thanked the activists for the great job — from the control over observance of the may decrees to monitoring the quality of roads and problems in the social sphere.

«As a result of your work were corrected various program financial expenditures of the state at different levels to 227 billion rubles. This is a very serious figure. Even for the budget of the whole country. So your job is reflected even in such a specific large amounts, serious», — said the President.

The first question from the audience about the development of domestic tourism. The Federal program for creating 13 specialized clusters was allocated about 140 billion rubles. And a little more than 30 — from the budget. The rest — private investments. Now working only seven sites, two of which existed before the creation of the special programs.

«We need to better consider where and what can be done. This is the first. Second, there’s no doubt, really wanted to create a new tourism cluster or just wanted to give some close your heart to the contractors work. Contractors worked all sort of did, but it was no use. We need to rethink how to build this work. Federal money spent on infrastructure. Federal money is allocated, infrastructure construction. Contractor and private investor do not lead to local authorities», — said Putin.

The program of resettlement from dilapidated housing works, but there is a problem with the so-called «new old housing» — it appears because of poor construction. Difficulties with the objects which the paper passed, but in reality they still need to finish. And, of course, the issues of overhaul. Where there is the problem of criteria for selection of buildings on the real technical condition and date of construction. Expenses of the Fund the emergency shelter, the President says, should not be limited to reduced regional costs for repairs.

«Because if it will happen that way, and sometimes, unfortunately, it happens — this leads to the fact that we settle one emergency shelter, and there immediately greatly increases the new housing emergency, because the time has not repaired the housing. But it is a problem that requires special attention from the governors, first and foremost. As far as the criteria for inclusion of a property crash, I could not agree more. If you see that these criteria biased that they are not accurate and detrimental in the sense that the money is spent where it is needed, then let’s fix the criteria. I promise you that we will return to this issue», — said the head of state.

There was a question of availability of preschool education, in particular nursery full day. Shortage now — about 340 thousand people. Here, said Putin has decided to support non-profit organizations working in social sphere. Those who proved themselves from the best side, connects to budgetary sources of funding. The problem, says the President, comes from the 90s.

«Since 2007 all of us the joy of the rising birth rate in the country. And in the last three years, thank God, we have a natural increase began. This is our great achievement. The main thing is that this trend, this trend continued as long as possible. Because we are all aware that in the 90s we had a big dip in the demographics. What it led to? To the fact that we have not enough places in kindergartens and nursery groups. I honestly didn’t think to give the opportunity to use state or municipal infrastructure for private organizations that want to engage in this activity. I am sure that it must be done,» — said Vladimir Putin.

The discussion also touched on ecology. The President approved the proposal to make urban and suburban forests in the state cadastre, in order to avoid illegal deforestation. It is often carried out under cover of fictitious fires and false conclusions of lesopatolog. Another important point — dumps, of which about 20 thousand across the country, and garbage disposal.

«It just creates impossible conditions for life for many of our citizens near these facilities. I must confess, I had, as for the Moscow region, some issues to deal with. Just personally. Well, not to break the deadlock. There and the crime around it goes around, and business is booming some. Citizens simply cannot resolve these issues. While my personal team was not up employees of internal troops or the national guard, nothing could stop it. Even local authorities could not do,» complained the President.

We were talking about created on behalf of the President structure of the independent evaluation of the quality of services. In some regions, according to activists, this work officials formally. For example, Novokhoperskiy psychoneurological boarding school in the Voronezh region was burned, but still takes 11 place in the ranking of specialized institutions of the region. Finished the meeting, the President’s answer to the question of when Russia cancels the food embargo, which became, in fact, present, for domestic producers.

«Ear you whisper — we wait as long as possible», — concluded Putin.

Michael Shekoyan, Andrew Talalay, Cyril Crooked. «TV Center».

Putin summarized the results of three years of work onf 23.11.2016

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