Putin spoke about the growth of trade between Russia and Germany

German entrepreneurs have a negative attitude towards the intentions of Washington to introduce new sanctions against Russia. This was announced in Sochi at the meeting of Vladimir Putin with representatives of German business circles. As the President noted, the Russian-German economic cooperation despite the political problems, won’t fade. From the German side’s readiness to continue partnership confirmed, including the participants of the project «Northern stream-2».

The delegation of businessmen from Germany to Sochi waited warm in all senses of the word reception reports «TV Center». The resort is pleased with the Sunny weather and the receiving good news — Vladimir Putin promised German business comfortable working conditions on the Russian market and new opportunities on the background of recovery of economic growth in the country.

Despite the political difficulties, the trade turnover of our country with Germany is second only to the number of contracts with China, said Putin. Last year the volume of Russian-German trade declined, however, positive dynamics this semester speaks volumes. Five and a half thousand joint ventures provide 270 thousand jobs. According to the President, less than 15 years the share of small and medium business in the economy should increase by almost 40%. German businessmen will contribute to this growth with new opportunities for businesses.

«We are ready to create all conditions for foreign businessmen felt in the Russian market comfortable. Closely with the business community will continue to improve the legislative base and law enforcement practice, will remove excessive administrative barriers, investing in infrastructure and, of course, training», — said Putin.

To a greater extent successful Russian-German business cooperation to prevent sanctions. While the official Berlin does not contradict in Washington, the German entrepreneurs declare about the dangers of political interference in the economy and the need for the abolition of restrictive measures.

At Vladimir Putin’s meeting with business circles of Germany attended and the delegation from Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev thanked his Russian counterpart, which is known to be fluent in German, no translation difficulties. Astana has its own strong business relations with Berlin, but there are a very large joint projects with Moscow.

We launched a multi-model of the Eurasian transport corridor: today Kazakhstan passes through five train, six car international routes from the Pacific ocean through China, Kazakhstan, Russia to Europe. Thus, formed the strategic transportation corridors, connecting directly to Asia, Europe, North and South,» Nazarbayev said.

Upon completion of the open part of the event, the guests from Germany have demonstrated – Germany with Russia common interests, not only in business.

«You and the Eastern Committee of German economy are the same age — born in 1952. This unites us. A little later, in 1954 Germany became the first world champion in football, and of course, we all hope that next year, in 2018, we will act successfully», — said the Chairman of the Committee, Wolfgang Buchele.

Congratulating Vladimir Putin on his recent birthday, the German businessmen gave him a t-shirt of the German national team under 9 – under it is usually the strikers, and a statuette of the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. Souvenir or two for good luck in the next world Cup.

Lily Akinshina, Vladimir Chernykh, V. Baturin. «TV Center», Sochi.

Putin spoke about the growth of trade between Russia and Germany 13.10.2017

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