Putin: political repression have no excuses

Vladimir Putin on Monday took part in the opening of the memorial to victims of political repression in Central Moscow. The President recalled the historical facts, when everyone could be brought flimsy and totally absurd accusations, millions of people were declared enemies of the people.

October 30 Day of remembrance of victims of political repression in Moscow opened the «Wall of grief». It is a memorial dedicated to the victims of lawless mass killings of the Soviet era, reports «TV Center».

The monument is located on the Avenue academician Sakharov. In his opening was attended by President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill. The project was implemented by the Fund with state funds and donations of citizens. Bronze relief with length of 35 meters combines an infinite number of towering human figures. The body is woven into the multi-ton monolith, the base of which the trail leads, is paved with stones from the regions of Russia, where the Gulag camps. Monument warning future generations encourages to realize the tragic consequences of autocracy and to warn against repeating the mistakes of the past.

Speaking at the opening of the memorial, Putin recalled of a time when millions of people were declared enemies of the people, were shot passed through the agony of prisons, camps and links.

«It’s terrible past is impossible to erase from the national memory. And moreover, it is impossible to justify anything, no so-called benefits of the people. No justification for these crimes can not be. Political repressions have become a tragedy for all our people, for society, a cruel blow to our nation, its roots, culture, identity. The effects we feel to this day. It is our duty to prevent of oblivion» — said Putin.

Opening in Moscow of a memorial to commemorate the victims of political repression is especially important this year when it was executed hundred years of the October revolution. About Vladimir Putin said Monday during a meeting of the Council for human rights. The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of Elizabeth Glinka and Daniel Dondurey, which was part of the HRC.

The President noted that human rights institutions and the state must work together for the strict observance of the rights of Russians. The head of state proposed to perform the work of law enforcement bodies against participants of protests, saying that freedom should be guaranteed. Vladimir Putin highly appreciated the work of the Council for human rights, one merit which is called the erection of a monument to the repressed.

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