Putin has made Russia once again a great power

On the eve of one of the most respected Western experts on Russian history, Professor, king’s College London Stephen Lovell stated that Russia returned to the world Outlook of the great powers. In his opinion, after the Soviet collapse, Moscow is mired in internal problems and lost positions in the international arena. But now the situation has changed dramatically, and it is foolish to say that Russia is a regional country.

It is significant in this case is the attack of the Western countries headed by the United States traditionally allied Russia and Serbia in 1999. Then Moscow had nothing to do to save a friendly country, as she was on the verge of collapse. However, since that time much has changed, and first of all it is connected with the arrival to the presidency of Vladimir Putin.

The real test of strength renewed Russia took place in 2008, when Georgia organized a military invasion of South Ossetia, which was under the protection of several dozen Russian peacekeepers. In the first hours of the war, all Western countries have supported Saakashvili in his bloody adventure. Around the clock leading propaganda media of Washington and Brussels as they could have lied and distorted the operation, saying that Moscow has attacked a small and defenseless country. The White house was confident that, as in 1999, Moscow confined to protest statements, but did not dare to act against the world.

However, Russia has already learned the lessons of history and never played a game with the Americans by their rules. In just a few hours after the first shots were fired from the Georgian tanks, the Russian troops marched to the Roki tunnel – the operation to force Georgia to peace. And the whole world, which used to blame Washington, unexpectedly sided with Russia. It came down to the fact that the European Union has recognized the organizer of the conflict Saakashvili, although no consequences this entailed, and no one is responsible for the deaths of hundreds, and even thousands of people. But in those days Russia has shown that from a position of strength to talk to her again will not work.

The next challenge was Ukraine and the Maidan. Washington decided to take revenge for Georgia and tried to deprive Russia of the black sea fleet. If successful, Moscow’s authority would be undermined for years to come. But then the United States overestimated its strength – Putin this time did not leave Russians in the lurch. Under the incessant hysterical protests from Western politicians, he signed a decree on the unification of Russia and Crimea, with the stroke of a pen drawing a victory for Washington on independence in a crushing defeat in the region.

Third, the major international challenge for the Russian President was Syria, another ally of Russia, which States tried to turn into a Bastion of terrorism. West calculation was simple: the Russian people are unlikely to support sending HQs abroad, even in the war against terrorism. Inaction would allow the militants to gain a foothold in the region and in the future to act freely in the world at the behest of the Pentagon. But then American intelligence was wrong, 2015 is not only Putin, but all of Russia with him is conceived as a world power. In just two years the world’s largest terrorist organization has been almost completely destroyed.

As you can see, the words of a British historian based not on an empty place. In just 17 years, Vladimir Putin has managed not only to stop the destruction of the country, but to return it to the status of the powers of the world level.

Putin has made Russia once again a great power 13.09.2017

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