Putin commented on the case Serebrennikova and White

Russia on Monday honored the memory of victims of political repression. In Moscow opened the «Wall of sorrow» — a Grand monument at the intersection of Sakharov Avenue from the Garden ring. The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Putin. Earlier on Monday, the President held a meeting of the Council for human rights.

Faceless images — like the spirits of missing persons killed during the repression, but not forgotten. The edges of the monument in different languages written only one word: «Remember.» The stones that lined the area in front of the «Wall of grief», is also special. They were sent from locations where once stood the camps and prisons of the Gulag, said «TV Center».

«It’s terrible past is impossible to erase from the national memory. And moreover, it is impossible to justify anything, no so-called benefits of the people. Political repressions have become a tragedy for all our people, for society, a cruel blow to our nation, its roots, culture, identity. The effects we feel to this day. It is our duty to prevent of oblivion» — said Putin.

The unveiling of the monument together with the President came the defenders, Patriarch Kirill, mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Among those present were former prisoners of the camps.

National monument — one of many projects in the framework of the concept of immortalization of memory of victims of political repression. This was a topic discussed Monday at a meeting of the Council for human rights. Human rights activists meet annually with the President, and by the time they have time to accumulate a lot of questions and even more suggestions.

The «Wall of sorrow» was chosen not by accident. 100 years ago, the revolution has split our society, and today it’s time to put in it.

«I hope that this date will be perceived by our society as summing up the features for dramatic events that divided the country and the people, will become a symbol of overcoming of this split, the symbol of mutual forgiveness and acceptance of national history as it is – with its great victories and tragic pages,» — said Putin.

Another tragic page in the history of the Council itself. Over the past year has left the life of two human rights defenders. The head of the Fund «Fair aid» Elizaveta Glinka died in a plane crash over the Black sea, and film critic Daniel Dondurei died from a serious illness. Their memory observed a minute of silence.

The Council on human rights works as a barometer of public sentiment. The topic is always relevant and acute. But the dialogue as open as possible. So this time the live broadcast was interrupted, although it was requested by some Council members. The oldest human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva has proposed to reconstitute the Board of pardon and stood up for Nikita Belykh.

«I, for example, a former Governor of the Kirov region Mr. White for many years know, when he was only a mediocre businessman, and when the Governor became, also spoke. I can vouch for: he did not take bribes, not that kind of person,» said Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group.

«You will agree, after all strange is the explanation, according to which the Governor of the Russian Federation takes money from the businessman, not Kirov, and Moscow, and not in the office and the restaurant, and not in rubles and in dollars. This is very strange. So, I think you need to, without prejudice to the decision of the court, to wait for this decision», — said Putin.

To case back again, when discussing a tense atmosphere in society. «The work of Cyril Serebrenikova, the hysteria around «Matilda» with arson and threats, the situation around the «echo of Moscow» — the attack on Tatiana, Felgengauer. All together creates the feeling that a campaign to silence dissent,» said journalist Stanislav Kucher.

«Well, here’s the deal Serebrennikov. What is he, a politician, someone’s after him for political position, no, there is a purely financial basis, the unpleasant proceedings. Yes, he is creative, he is an artist. Well, the Deputy Director of the «Hermitage», the Deputy Minister… That we, too to release? Let us be treated equal to everyone. You mentioned the «Echo of Moscow». Well, that, and here? A sick man came, and here freedom of speech? Came from Israel, attacked the journalist,» — said Putin.

Often, in the opinion of the President, the situation aggravated once again to draw attention — this applies to meetings. Separately discussed the conduct of the elections. Touched the protection of environmental human rights. Information about the state of the environment should be open, and the construction of new landfills need to be discussed with the public. For more information on these and other topics, the President promised to discuss in the near future.

Nikita Vasilyev, Dmitry Ivanov, Alexey Kolesnik, «TV Center».

Putin commented on the case Serebrennikova and White 31.10.2017

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