Putin approved the law on «black lists» Aviatorov

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the bill, which envisages the creation of a «black list» of airlines, where they will add the personal data of the brawlers. The corresponding document was posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the law, the company will have the right to refuse to transport passengers who had previously caused concern on Board.

It is known that at the present time, the Air code requires airline’s right to terminate the contract of air carriage unilaterally on a number of specific grounds. However, the articles on the right to refuse rowdy in the ticket no.

The new law says that the carrier or a person authorized by the carrier at the conclusion of the contract of air carriage of passengers, will have the right to refuse the conclusion of this contract any person who is entered in the register of persons, transportation of which is restricted. After the law comes into force will introduce amendments to the Air code, and restless passengers will be more difficult to purchase a plane ticket.

To turn rowdy in the «black list» will be possible on the basis of the entered into force of the administrative punishment for Commission on Board of offence which threatens the safety of other passengers.

The new law was adopted in connection with the incidents aboard aircraft, which often had to land the plane to your destination.

Putin approved the law on «black lists» Aviatorov 05.12.2017

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