Putin answered the critical questions of Oliver stone

The final episode of the documentary by Oliver stone about Vladimir Putin was aired in the United States. In the fourth part of one of the main themes — relations between Moscow and Washington. Speaking about the American elections, Vladimir Putin reiterated that Russia to possible hacker attacks and are not involved in the election campaign in the United States had no effect. In a new series of interviews Vladimir Putin also spoke about his relationship to Donald Trump and plans for the future.

Four nights in a row directed by Oliver stone kept in suspense the American public. And even more American politicians. In the film under the provocative slogan «Know your enemy», the author showed that Vladimir Putin really is – not the enemy, reports «TV Center».

«Mr Putin is not to everyone’s taste, but he does not act to threaten Europe or the United States. It is inflated to a greater threat like Russia is going to conquer the world. But this makes no sense. This is an important film. It should show in America, in Asia, in Africa. Many people will look and say, «Maybe he’s not such a bad guy». This is an attempt to establish mutual understanding between our peoples,» — said in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti, Oliver stone.

The slippery question of bilateral relations stone was postponed at the last film in the series. Talking about the possibility of Moscow’s interference in American elections. Director Putin asks direct questions about the «Russian hackers», on the links with Donald trump. Russian President responds to each. And says: never discovered by anyone, «Russian trace» the team needs a loser Democrats merely to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the new President of the United States.

«He found those strings in the hearts of people who it could affect. And no, I don’t think will be able to cast doubt on the results of these elections. Instead, those who lost would have to draw conclusions from its own activities, from how work is organized, and not look for reasons on the side,» — says Putin.

Moscow remains ready to cooperate with the administration trump and believes in his desire to improve relations. But the situation Putin appreciates sober.

«But what was very bad, it is, as far as I know, the outgoing team was created, gave him so many mines around and created the conditions in which he found it difficult to fulfil their promises to the people. But really, we don’t expect anything revolutionary,» said the President.

Like not waiting for applause for their work and directed by Oliver stone. Immediately after the first film series on Oscar-winning Director was attacked by critics. But the press already recognize: it is this picture now and needed.

«Removing «Interview with Putin», stone has done a great service for democracy. Critics will say that he knelt at the altar of the tyrant, fans will be thankful for the opportunity to see the presidential plane, cottage, gym and offices of the Kremlin. But the Director, especially in recent episodes, rigidly raises acute problems of the Russia’s intervention in the American elections, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, the rumors about Putin’s accounts in Cyprus. And stone can hardly blame that on any of the controversial issues his companion said less than he could,» writes the British Guardian.

In Russian television the Oliver stone movie about Vladimir Putin will be released next week.

Kirill parmenov is, Oleg Gavrilov, «TV Center».

Putin answered the critical questions of Oliver stone 17.06.2017

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