Published the first pictures of Saturn’s rings

Space Agency NASA has published photos of the rings of Saturn made April 2 a team of the spacecraft Cassini from a distance of 413 thousand kilometers from the planet’s surface.

The published photo can be seen two satellites of Saturn: dione on the left (with a diameter up to 1,123 km), and the right Epithema (113 km).

Surprisingly, the picture posted is absolutely can not see the stars. The main reason for their mysterious disappearance is the brightness of Saturn’s rings. Astronomers explained that 99% of the chemical composition of the rings is water ice, and it perfectly reflects the light. Because of this the majority of stars are not visible in their background.

Recall that the Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997 to study Saturn and its moon Titan.

Published the first pictures of Saturn’s rings 20.07.2016

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