Published photo ran over a crowd of Muslims in London driver

In London one person was killed and 10 injured as a result of the van hitting pedestrians. This is the second such incident since the beginning of June. It all happened in the North-East of the British capital at a mosque when the Muslims went out with the night prayers. The driver was detained by witnesses and handed it to the police. Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may has described the incident as a potential terrorist attack.

The first footage after the incident: panic, chaos. People were shouting names, trying to find loved ones who come to Sunday prayer. The Muslims are now the Holy month of Ramadan, recalled «TV Center». After midnight the visitors started to leave the mosque. Criminals like he was waiting for this moment. Those who came under the wheels of the van, said witnesses, no chance of escape almost was not.

«The truck was coming directly at people, they were left lying on the sidewalk. One person died immediately, the rest, as I have seen in a very serious condition,» — said one of the witnesses.

«The guy in the truck, he first went on the strip for buses, and then abruptly turned. He did it on purpose! And two others, they ran away, so they’re hiding somewhere here in Finsbury Park,» explained another.

«The first under the wheels of a van hit an elderly man who was walking near me. We tried to help him. Don’t know what’s wrong with him now, but he suffered serious injuries,» said a witness of the tragedy.

«I saw eight to ten people lying on the sidewalk. When arrived at the scene, police and paramedics, they were taken to the machine. At the time of the attack the street was very crowded,» said another witness.

Scotland Yard have so far refrained from official comment and report the latest news via social media.

«One person died on the spot. Eight victims were taken to three hospitals. Two more victims assistance was provided directly at the scene», — reported in Twitter of the British police.

The van only stopped because I crashed into another car. The driver pulled from the cab of the witnesses and nearly staged lynching. Police came to the rescue, literally, a sheltered man from the angry mob. According to British media reports, the photo of this man was made when he was still in the car.

The version of the attack is not yet established. Scotland Yard calls night incident «serious incident». Prime Minister Theresa may, who once again gathered an emergency meeting of emergency Committee Cobra, watch it only mentioned the possibility of a terrorist attack. However, the investigation has been joined by experts of division of the British counter-terrorism police. The Muslim Council of Britain called the incident in Finsbury Park, a blatant manifestation of Islamophobia.

This is the fourth attack in Britain over the past three months. The scenario is similar to the previous London attack. The third of June late in the evening into the crowd on the bridge in the city centre drove the van. Out of it popped a few terrorists and made a real massacre. Seven people were killed, about 50 wounded. However, the latest tragedy really has more pronounced signs of inter-confessional disagreements. The object of the attack men, presumably of European appearance, selected a Muslim mosque. Another key difference from previous incidents: this time the attacker was detained, and therefore the motives of the crime will be available from the original source. Meanwhile, a man in a psychiatric hospital undergoing the relevant procedures. However, it is unknown the whereabouts of the other passengers of the van. Eyewitnesses say three of the attackers, armed with knives. The scene cordoned off. Where did it happen, easy to understand slide awning. British criminologists prefer to work without the attention of strangers.

Pavel Rumyantsev, «TV Center»

Published photo ran over a crowd of Muslims in London driver 19.06.2017

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