Proof of crime of the SBU: the embedded agent, the LC told

Officer of the Ministry of state security of LPR in the course of rapid development have been introduced in the undercover unit of management of SBU in the Luhansk region. He managed to get evidence of the use of criminal methods. Agent of the MGB of the LC during several months engaged in communication with the SBU and collected information.

The data obtained indicate that the SBU recruits the citizens of LC on Ukrainian checkpoints, and, unfortunately, the number of such cases is increasing.

Upon returning conscious citizens talk about the facts of recruitment, would not be punished by local authorities.

It is clear that the citizens of LC are not necessary to the Ukrainian side as human beings and fellow citizens, for the SBU, they are the working tools to carry out terrorist objectives.

Employee of MGB LNR decided to go this way. He went to Severodonetsk and went to the main Department of the SBU in the Luhansk region to take advantage of the Ukrainian program «waiting for You at home.»

He told SBU that he was a hostage of circumstances and was forced to serve in the militia LC, and in fact believes their hero Bandera. This position and the information that it can provide, interested the Ukrainian security forces.

The man was intimidated, that he needs to atone, by following their guidelines on the return of the LC.

Further, the agent of the MGB LNR remained to wait for instructions.

After some time, the SBU named Ignat, was released on bond and ordered to beat the employee of the people’s militia LNR. The letter was attached a photo of the future victim. Later exploration of the LC was determined that he was not a soldier, but guilty that, being an entrepreneur, refused to pay tribute to the SBU.

MGB faked a beating and sent photos of Ukrainian curators.

Next came the task of collecting information of a military nature. The undercover agent gave false information, but she arranged SBU.

Later, the MGB agent is asked to find him a helper and partner that he was asked to choose someone they know. For verification of the security service were sent questionnaires three fictional characters, one of them was even approved, which speaks about the bad quality checking the data, the employees of the security Service of Ukraine.

The final task before the «return home» was the order to undermine the car of the employee of the Ministry of state security of LPR.

After that, the agent gave an improvised explosive device and a telephone, which aroused suspicion, as it was an expensive smartphone. Bomb experts found that the phone was really difficult. After the explosion of the car bomb would have worked as well in the smartphone through the battery with the plastic explosives to eliminate the performer.

So, the contractor would have to call this number and report on the assignment, but the combination of the phone and pressing the call button would produce detonation of the mobile device.

Proof of crime of the SBU: the embedded agent, the LC told 19.05.2017

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