Printing house in Moscow, reprint flyers with the words «Grass beavers»

That moment at the Foundation waited a whole year. Raised funds, wrote a short text for people to help buy children Christmas gifts. The result exceeded all expectations. Got a bright, easy to understand, number for SMS messages perfectly visible. Only instead of the call to «Do good» on the leaflets now shows «beaver Grass». All attempts to appeal to the conscience of the printing staff who have made your own edits, yet have not brought results, transfers «TV Center».

«Now we can only guess whether it was malice or negligence. Now we are not looking for blame. We ask you to reprint, or refund. Typography today refused, unfortunately, to reprint. Referring to the fact that here, in this leaflet, less than 5% according to some law», — said the Director of the charity Fund «Capital relief» Vladislav Fedotov.

The size of the marriage, occupying less than 5% of the leaf is really allowed, according to GOST of the USSR from 1963. I wonder what would you do with the compositor, spoil million copies in print 50 years ago? Unlikely to be interested in what condition was the man, and why is it a mistake nobody noticed. In the printing house received the order of several hundred thousand, the situation refused to comment, referring to a certain Ivan, the missing Director, accusing the designer of the incident, which allegedly made a demarche to their own dismissal.

«Can’t talk right now. You can even through half an hour? I have, unfortunately, not possible, I’m busy. Solve production issues,» — said the businessman Ivan.

Anyway, curious as to why this is the designer is sharpening his teeth on beavers? Animal rights activists have spoken, saying, the people have compassionate for Christmas gifts for children and animals could not spare. The fate of a population of beavers think and benefactors.

«Of course, we have nothing to beavers are not, though we love them. We are all human. The amount that is spent on these flyers, for us is very significant, very big. We save every penny we collected them throughout the year to make a decent share. No matter how much we loved the beavers, we are for children. We are children,» — said Fedotov.

Typographical errors in promotional materials recently enough. Some evoke anger, others make you smile. This is a story with a happy ending. Monday afternoon it became known that the printing of the leaflet reprint, and the beavers remained intact, and the children received gifts.

Olga Streltsova, Valery Belinsky. «TV Center», Moscow.

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Printing house in Moscow, reprint flyers with the words «Grass beavers» 04.10.2016

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